Monday, October 27, 2014

New frocks for the girls….

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Update to a recent Weekend Snag!
Just picked up the girls from my upholsterer….
And they are quite smart in their gray denim frocks!

You might remember I snagged the pair a while back on Craig’s List for $80.00~~
These vintage library chairs made by Shaw Furniture out of North Carolina are solid, comfy and just the right size.  I adore the new tailored pleats and their strong lines!  And of course adding a little ottoman makes them extra comfy. 
It was an Estate Sale bargain at just $6.

Now the decision....
Do I sell them at the GraceReclaimed Trunk Show or
will they have a home around this Old Charlton Place?
If the gray girls stay,
somebody’s gotta go (chairs of course)….
because the Chair Whoreder Alarms are starting to go off!

AND just in case you caught it….
Pencil in November 29th or December 6th….
A GraceReclaimed Christmas Trunk Show
is a strong possibility!
St. Philip has already started on his Trunk Show To Do List....
It's amazing how much we can get done around here if I cry Trunk Show!!! 
Plus it blocks the view of Epps Fitness and Grill, across the street
when I sit in my swing.....
Tomball Museum is a great neighbor!

Swinging gracefully into the season, B

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Artless Flattery?

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Interestingly enough,
300 years ago, on a fall day in October 1714,  
English writer, Eustace Budgell wrote in a newspaper piece that
Imitation is a kind of artless Flattery”.

Without going into boring details, at 57 I continue to learn new lessons in life and business!   One of the most important lessons is that my purpose is to please absolutely no one
 but my loving God!

 Flawed and falling short in this area more times that I’d like to admit, I let my heart and my gifts tangle and tie my hands into a defensive fist rather than a thankful clasp.  
 I love being creative but I am a reluctant business person.  I love making my clients happy but after all these years, I'm still uncomfortable charging for it. 
I love sharing my ideas with sweet clients who truly appreciate me!
And I absolutely love sincere compliments! 
But I detest being UN professionally imitated! 
God please help me to remember that imitation can be considered a sincere form of flattery…even if I shouldn’t care!

I pray this October season finds you full of joy and excitement for cooler weather,
changing leaves and an upcoming holiday season... 
May our hands be thankfully clasped as we
FALL on our knees to Him who needs no flattery! 
~Thanks Rebecca, you are a constant blessing to me~

Most sincerely and in God’s gracious care, b

Friday, October 10, 2014

Recent Reclamation...

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Thought I start sharing some of my reclaimed design work, just in case you wonder what I do with my time when I’m not scouring estate sales, stressing over boys or shopping…..

For the past several months, I’ve been working with a precious family to add a little warmth and style to their beautiful home.  One of the areas that I thought needed a little substance was their mantel.  The husband’s choice of G. Harvey art fits the elegantly rustic and relaxed feel of their home, but this particular piece, just wasn’t’ “filling the bill”. 
So, my little reclaimed mind got to work.  Then of course, I ran my
 crazy thoughts past St. Philip who is always, well almost always, on board! 
We took a little trip to the family farm, pulled some pieces off one of the old out buildings and got to work!  

Quite a few splinters, not just a few nails and 55+ pounds later,
A beautiful barn wood tray to showcase the art! 

Thank you Lupe, the installer and team!
It couldn’t have turned out better if I say so my reclaimed self!

 Now I'm thinking....what was I thinking??
This is one of those "I should have kept that" pieces! 
Oh well, there is always more barn wood
just a crow's flight and a crowbar away.
 And St. Philip has a garage full of nails....

May I just say, sweet Melissa, you got an awesome deal!!!
But that is exactly what I love about my job,
making things happen and not breaking the bank!
Reclaiming Grace, one creative day at a time!!!


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Top of an October mornin’ to ya!!!

 Dinna fash yerself …
It’s only one of the ladies of this old Charlton House!
I’m not sure if you know this,
but I’ve lived in this old house for only 13 of it's 75 year old self,
and rumor says 400 Epps Street is haunted!! 
Not that I believe, but each October, when fall shows up,
cool weather sets in and the floors begin to creak a little more,
I wonder….
Just a bit & not really, but all the old stories are fun to hear and trust me,
we’ve heard more than a few. 

I LOVE FALL, however Halloween has never been my favorite holiday and time was I hated skeletons;
 but when I saw this one at Costco last week,
she just rattled herself right in to my shopping cart.
AND she is poseable!!!

Just couldn’t resist dressing her up to greet the passersby.  I’m thinking Mrs. Charlton might enjoy sitting on my porch with this old girl!  Honk if you happen to drive by,
I’m sure they’d love the attention!
Gracefully waving on Fall...I've been waiting, B