Sunday, November 17, 2013

12 Days of GraceReclaimed~6th

On the 6th day of Grace Reclaimed, St. Philip said to me,
you have filled up my dance card!!! 
That’s when I smiled and asked him if he thought he might be able to power wash one more thing and told him how much I wished we he could build a trellis in the front corner of the yard to hide our view of...
~Epps Fitness and Grill~
(I’ve named our neighbor's Yard)
 I apologize and do not want to bore you with the long story about our lovely neighbor,
 my complaints to Tomball City Council, etc.!
Except to say, he is a self- proclaimed dangerious dog owner, junk collector, and seems to be a “works??” from home kinda guy!! 
We’re not close, if you can imagine.  But we have offered on several occasions to help him with his yard or haul off his no avail, I'm sorry to say!
So if your looking for a landmark when you head to the GraceReclaimed Tag Sale, just look for this place,
it's just across the way!
Please forgive me but It's a bit of a thorn in my Epps side, 
plus I digress.
On to the peek of the day!
Speaking of stuff! 
If you have tiny collections, I’ve got the solution!
~Just Stuff Holders~ 

and that is chalk dust, by the way!!!!

I know we all have too much of it (stuff that is), but it doesn’t seem like so much if you contain it or display it together on a tray, a great design solution!
And I think I just thought of a Christmas Gift for my neighbor....but I'm gonna have to get a bigger tray!
In the Holiday Spirit, to each his own....God loves junkers too!
Me Included, thank Heaven~
Grace Reclaimed, for those of you who need a little more stuff!
Getting Closer....
Have a gracefull Sunday, b

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