Thursday, December 10, 2020

GraceReclaimed 2020 Christmas Trunk Show...Cancelled!

Good Day my beautiful friends and precious clients
As much as I hated to do it,
my 2020 Christmas Trunk Show had to be cancelled!

 No need to bore you with the many reasons!

It was originally posted as a
 GraceReclaimed Event
on facebook (still trying to break up ;) 
In case you didn't notice, I removed the event and posted this little pic, hoping all would see!

So in case you missed it ~
 Or maybe you were wondering where your personal evite was ~
The song repeats...
It's just a different kind of Christmas this year!

I will miss having you all in my home,
I will miss seeing your smiling faces and
I will miss sharing a bit of Christmas with you!
It would have made this season so much brighter!!

Just remember
The one thing that has not and will not ever change
 is the reason we celebrate...

Sweet baby Jesus! 

So my prayer is to see you in the new year
and that through it all,
You will remember and let your whole life sing His song!

Most sincerely and in His great gracious care, B


Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Welcome to my Blog Too or Two!

Oh my heavens, what a chore!  If you're here following the trail from facebook, Welcome!                                                                                                                      (purposely small and insignificant)

So if you aren't receiving my blog post in your email and you are interested in tagging along, it will be necessary for you to FOLLOW BY EMAIL!



Until now, most of you, I think, read my blog post when I share the link on my GraceReclaimed page there...Not going to be sharing there anymore.  We are breaking up ;)

Follow by Email Steps:

1. Type your email in Follow by Email box (top right or bottom of page, either works!) 

2. You may get an automatic pop-up to confirm your subscription from FeedBurner.  

3. Or you will receive an email from requiring activation!!!

4. Please follow the path, your design life may depend on it, just kidding!  Would love to see you there!

Hopefully it will be worth the steps and the move.  I only post on here once in a while and as much as I'd like to be a writer when I grow up; I think I'll stick to design creativity!  

I'll try not to bombard you with insignificant posts.  Always hoping to inspire and encourage!  I think we could all use some inspiring and some encouraging of late.

Thankful you're here!

Just B