Tuesday, October 27, 2015

GraceReclaimed Trunk Show or bust!

It is that time of year, yes just around the weekend corner…
Saturday I’ll be listening to these two crazy guys perform their senior concert!

And later sharing what’s left of my Trick or Treat Candy with the grand~babes.
 Then there is no turning back!
Calendar full and
latest creations half-begun/finished/still in my head…
I’m anxious to get going. 
First things first, got my Christmas CDs out to polish them up, then decided in the interest of time
Pandora will be my go to for seasonal listening pleasure.  
Yes in November...I may wait until Monday!

You might recall some Stitching that went on earlier this year, 

A few of these Texas beauties are complete for the show…ShabbyGirlFlags anyone?

Christmas Trunk Show evites to come, keep an eye out my friends.  If you would like to receive one with all the details, just email me or comment below!
Reclaiming my sewing closet and graciously saying “booked” or trying to! B

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bed Making...A Lost Art!

I have realized of late that bed making is becoming a lost art! 
Having all boys, I never thought about it being a necessary lesson to pass on, but maybe I should have!
You see, there is nothing more satisfying to me than jumping out of bed in the morning, smoothing the sheets, tucking in the edges, straightening the coverlet, fluffing the pillows and placing them just so...Then glancing at it over my shoulder as I head to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee!
~Thank you St. Philip~
I know it sounds a bit, well, obsessive and No, I don't do this every day.....But 
I thought I would write a little post for
 anyone who didn't get a lesson growing up 
or for those who just love a well dressed bed!
 Tuesday Morning always has a great selection of reasonably priced high end sheets.  Think about it, how often do you buy sheets?  Invest in good quality!
Iron if you like!  It's that hot appliance some people use to get wrinkles out.
Way smaller than the dryer, has a cord, requires a padded board..ring any bells?
I call these my throw down pillows....new standard, queen or king pillow forms in fresh pillow cases; never used, just thrown on the bench at the foot of our bed before bedtime!
They give the impression of a drool~free household!
Notice the silk pillow cover...I love it.
My hair is not so frightful in the a.m. and it seems to keep sleep wrinkles at bay~ 
I add a blanket in the winter months, just in case the air conditioner cuts off and it gets below 70.
It doesn't have to be a white matelassé coverlet, just a washable cotton coverlet that gives you a clean fresh look and is comfortable to sleep under if needed! Add matching shams to keep things cohesive!

Hit Walmart or Target, they're a dime a dozen or close!

 My Comforter Soap Box (read if you have time!)
There are some beautiful duvet covers and sumptuous fluffy comforters out there;
be they bargain sets or slightly expensive pieces.
But let's face it, they are not really washable, maybe not even truly dry cleanable!
  Oh yes, it may say so on the care instructions, but washer beware.  Sleep under it, let your kids play on it or even worse your pets find it comfy...
No problem you say, I'll just throw it in the wash or buy stock in my local cleaners!
Well think again.
Your beautiful bedding will be transformed into a shrunken or lumpy faded version of its former self!  
So as I advise my clients, layer those pieces with a cotton coverlet, problem solved!
And there you have it...BedDressing 101
Whether you wanted it or not, I just had to!
Additional reading on the subject: HouseBeautiful, SouthernLiving, JUST IN CASE!

So,  Dress your Bed
You'll be surprised at the welcoming effect it can have on you at bedtime!

"Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

When you lie down, you will not be afraid; When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.

Comforting and grace filled dreams to you, B     

Oh, I almost forgot... 
If you were looking for a post or update on my 2015 GraceReclaimed Christmas Trunk Show?
 I promise, I'm on it!  November 20 or 21st, possibly both!!
More information and teasers to come! 
Just keep following!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October flew in on her broom....

I’ve decided that this is truly the bewitching month…

October sneaks in each year, almost unexpectedly, sweeping all remnants of September aside in a flash with her trusty broom!
It’s as if she uses the heat of our Texas summer to ignite her ride in and get fall started, but in the rush forgets to bring the cool weather along!
Of course, I’m always caught a bit off guard! 
 Not sure why, because I love fall!  So I’m going for pumpkins tomorrow and running past all the Halloween candy in the stores!  Then I’ll be rushing to finish all my client work so I can ready myself for this year’s
Grace Reclaimed Christmas Trunk Show!
Pencil me in please for
....November 20th!!!!

I started a little project last week, just to get my feet toasty…

No animals were harmed in the making of this wreath!

Then found myself eyeing the magnolia leaves being cut from my neighbor’s trees on Monday with visions of garland dancing in my head!  I pleeeeased St. Philip into asking the tree guy if he would mind loading our truck instead of his with the cuttings….and I was off!

Just a smidgen of my cuttings!
The remnants!
Garland anyone?
I know, I know, they will be brown soon!  But I just had to try my hand and I am praying they carry me into the holidays with their wonderful waxy winter warmth!

Anyway, I'm getting in the spirit and creating my plan...
because like everyone else is proclaiming,
Hey Y’all ~ It’s Fall!
Gracefully wiggling my nose, B!