Sunday, March 15, 2015


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As most of you know, I’ve lived in Texas all of my life (if you don’t count the “long vacation” St. Philip and I had in beautiful Santa Rosa, California!)
…and I became a bona fide Houstonian at age 11 ½.
But I can probably count on one hand the times I have been to the infamous HLSR.  
Oh, I love that the Rodeo is such a Texas tradition, brings abundant revenue to our great city, and benefits so many young people around our state through its scholarship programs.  In fact, many of my friends and family look forward to, volunteer for and enjoy it immensely year after year!
~As for me, I'll kindly pass~
  You know the old saying “this ain't my first rodeo”, well I’m guessing my tainted view of this beloved event stems from my own first rodeo and the “Rx cowboy” I chose to saddle up next to for my maiden experience.  
Enough said, Ye haw!!!
Please don't hold it against me.

 But in salute to my home state and its rodeo season, I’ve been inspired to stitch a few
 ShabbyGirlFlags “Texas style”


A mix of vintage and current girly florals in pastel hues, perfect for today's contemporary farmhouse styling. 
Each handmade & one of a kind for wavin', framin', prayin' & nappin'!
Just a peek of the work in progress, to be shared at my
GraceReclaimed Sprung Bunny Alfresco Sale! 
Details to come, hope to see ya’ll then.
Gracefully moseying on…b

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