Sunday, March 1, 2015

Breaking Bad News....Not! Street Dance Worthy!

Epps Fitness and Grill is no longer!!!!
For those of you, who didn’t get a chance to stop by the all-inclusive outdoor spot;
try out the open air antiquated fitness center or 4 multiple choices of rusty grill possibilities …You snoozed and lost! 

With no regret at all,
I happily inform you that as of a couple of weekends ago
(They Worked On Saturday?!?!?!?),
The questionable establishment has been swept away~
I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised and unexpectedly ecstatic!
No longer do I have to wear shades to avoid disgust every time I leave home!
No longer do I have to write annoying emails to city council or anyone who might listen!
No longer do I have to find cleaver ways to avert the eyes of visitors to my GraceReclaimed Trunk shows to the north side of Epps…..
It is well with my soul!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to the Tomball Code Enforcer and all whomever gave you the power to clean up this mess!  Many thanks to the half dozen or more men with 3 plus trucks and trailers, who hauled off mountains of scrap from the back yard, kindly moved the gym equipment to the rear (hope it gets more use there!) along with the collection of barbecue grills (he must be some cook!) and in addition, trimmed trees, raked leaves, cut vines, etccccccc!!!!!  
My sincere apologies to the hardworking, responsible taxpayers of our community, as I am sure WE will be affording this for my unemployed irresponsible
Ne'er Do Well neighbor. 
I can only pray that he appreciates it as much as the Shaw family does!   But that is another story and a soap box that I will not step up on via this blog.  Aren’t you glad?
My sweet old Charlton Place will be forever grateful. 
Doing a graceful street dance, please join me when the weather clears,  B

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