Wednesday, November 30, 2016

And so it was, Thanksgiving 2016...

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This year’s thanks giving time was very very different for us,
to say the very very least!
The best laid plans of B,
did not turn out quite as planned, but nonetheless memorable!
Sometimes I find it funny how much like my mother I am, sometimes NOT!!!
We headed to “The Shawfarm” with all the trimmings, St. Philip in total supportive mode, as usual!  All the trappings of the holiday crammed into the truck, decorations, dog, desserts and food for Cox’s army (who is cox anyway?).  Not to mention, material for at least one farm project, my new edict for every trip, the proverbial whip cracker I am!
My visions of eating outside on a beautiful table under the old oak out back were squashed by unwanted thanksgiving guests, the entire Moulton fly population; so inside we stayed.  Just my dream of what the scene would have been…


This is what I do to entertain myself and practice my photography skills or lack thereof, while St. Philip works on his project…that’s fair right? 

We did have loads of company fun, rides in the woods, “kids” puzzle making, movies and a bit of rowdiness, cold nights and cozy fires.  All the good stuff which is really all that matters!   
 I so wanted perfect pictures and thankfulness writing…almost happened!  Sometimes my expectations are a bit too high, you know ~ flowers or a bottle of wine for the cook ~ Ha...Maybe next year! 

But after the dust settled and it was just St. P and I, the change in the holiday settled over me.  Missing Mom but know that she was watching over my attempt to repeat her dressing, the worry if the turkey was done and the quiet that ensued once the blessing was said. 
Always wishing for just one more moment to express my love to her,
Well ~ to everyone in my life... 
Something I am forever working on, maybe I’ll get that right one day too!
Colossians 3:15  And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body; and be thankful.
Hope your Thanksgiving opened your heart for love
to abound in the Christmas season ahead!
gracefully grateful, always b

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