Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What I didn’t do on my summer vacation…

Almost fall…Well September is here!
But summer still lingers here in Texas and it will for a good while!
Hope things are cooling down and your summer was full of relaxation and fun.
  I’ve been MIA for a bit! Wish I could say I was off on another Pagosa adventure with my friend Robin or maybe a restful vacay to an exotic island location with St. Philip, but NO! 
Just here at home dealing with life, such as it is,
in the pretty empty nest on Epps Street!
It was however a very eventful summer. 
 St. Philip was job hunting again, WHEW God has a plan for us I’m still trying to understand! 
And it’s the season in our lives of worrying about parents and half grown children, just everyday stuff!
HE has a plan for that too!!!
~But on to the eventfulls~
My summer non-vacation pics...hope you have a chair!

Hosted a reception for my youngest guy, A big shout out to my family and friends for showing your love and support!
UPDATE, God answered prayer, as of November
Hallelujah He's single again!
On to new "Mom hair graying adventures",
Harley riding and the Army...in that order!
But I'll take these over the last thankfully!!

And helped decorate my middle’s new apartment, he and his sweet girl, YAY last semester, student teaching and real life to come!
Craig's List Sofa!
Heirloom Art...Ha!
 Started a little project upstairs...can you say original shiplap?
My way of cleaning the bits of string from old wall covering! Yep, I did!
On hold for now, St. Philip had to go back to work.
He's good like that!!
Spent some summertime fun with the grandbabes!
BeBe's Birthday, you can tell the excitement by age, I'm with you Jackson!
Dress Up Breakfast!
Costume Making!
 I caved in to doing the Camp Blessing Gala again, and I was blessed!
Thank you Carla!
 Parisian Circus Theme
 At San Souci Tomball, an over the top, interesting and extremely generous place!

Joined in on a book launch group for "All the Pretty Things" by Edie Wadsworth
A wonderful, heartfelt, emotional jump...
A must read! 

And now this….my new kitchen beginnings!

Ingenious St. Philip!
Raised just enough for tile guys' demolition.

And it's just about now that I should be gearing up for the 
2016 GraceReclaimed Trunk Show!
I’m trying to wrap my head, heart and hands around it!  Pray for all three :))) please!

And to you gracefull and probably few that stuck with me to this end...Thanks for that, B
I'll keep you posted!