Saturday, July 16, 2016

Getting one thing clear!!!

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For those of you who've asked....GraceReclaimed is NOT going anywhere!

I am still here doing my decorating and design, reclaimed stuff, trunk shows, etc. after 20+years!  Just so hard to believe!!  And rambling about my own shenanigans will continue as long as someone is willing to read!  Which is what this little blog thing has always been about...

You see, the blogging only started after a suggestion from a dear friend who set up the first website related to 7thJoy.  7thJoy was a sidelineshortlivedendeavor with another dear friend and my last post was a simple birthday wish to her and a final nod to that fun while it lasted creative partnership!

During the last seven or so years, I've come to enjoy the writing and sharing of creative things, life happenings, along with a bit of my faith strengths and struggles on this blog.  I am blessed when I know someone takes the time to read and especially when someone posts a comment.  But most of all, I am blessed and grateful that it has become a sort of personal journal of the things I love for those I love!   So I'm still here, doing my thing...

Now on to the good stuff...a weekend snag (almost!) 
If fighting the Friday afternoon traffic with the rest of Houston rushing home to enjoy it counts...
Yes we did! Drove all the way to Bellaire just before rush hour, to pick up this Craig's List guy and his twin!

 Aren't they handsome?  Contemplating the makeover!

 Just know for sure, I'm not laying a hand on their gorgeous green cowhide seats...not a chance!
 I'll share the progress, just might have to ponder these for a bit...

So hope to see you here again.
I'm here for a now anyway!
Stay faithful, blessed and close!!
In His gracious care,
Belinda Abbott-Shaw
of GraceReclaimed



  1. I adore your chair fetish ...and THOSE are lovely!!

  2. How awesome! Can't wait to see your special touch on them!

  3. And..... I adore you! Who wlse would catch a fish with a flower????!