Saturday, March 26, 2016


Married now for 23 years and in this old Charlton House for 15 of those,
 I find it mind boggling in comparison to my earlier life that I have
“settled into this place” for so long! 
With all that has been happening around me lately, I have really been reflecting on my life decisions and how they compare to those of my boys! 
You see as a young women, I was a bit lost, without direction or much guidance after high school; quit college early, married early, divorced shortly thereafter, became a single mom, changed jobs a lot (oil and gas in the 80’s).  And in the midst I made a couple of bad choices, repeated one, and added to that many thoughtless decisions.  But with most of them God chose to teach me, many He chose to grow me, and thankfully with some, He chose to bless me!   

After years of an unsettled life, I finally chose settled!
I guess it’s called growing up!
In my contemplation of late, I’ve been considering the word settle, settled or settling.  What does it mean?

     set·tle1ˈsedl/  verb
  1. resolve or reach an agreement about (an argument or problem).
  2. adopt a more steady or secure style of life
     settle - Urban Dictionary
     the act of giving up someone you love or something of value for less than desired,
     the act of not being able to satisfy your need or want and choosing someone or
     something of lower standard or value.

     Settle, Merriam Webster, intransitive verb 
  1. to come to rest
  2. to become clear by the deposit of sediment or scum
  3. to become fixed, resolved, or established
  4. to become quiet or orderly :  to take up an ordered or stable life
  5. to adjust differences
I favor the last referenced. 
I find great solace in knowing that being settled or settling isn’t just adopting a more steady life or giving up something you love for something less desired! 
I like Merriam Webster’s list combined.
~Settling is coming to rest, becoming clear, fixed, quiet and adjusted!~
Ceasing the struggle, depositing the unnecessary stuff, resolving to be content, finding peace in order and figuring out the difference in want and need!

I found settled when I found St. Philip…
It was a hard concept for me to grasp, becoming settled.  I only wish I could pass on this concept of becoming settled, but not settling to my guys! 
On the most part, they seem to have a head start; a couple of them anyway! 
I guess there could be such a thing as too much guidance and I know that some of us just have to learn the hard way. So I keep praying they learn from my mistakes, not have to repeat them! 
Or at least they remember this.
Do fight for what you love and believe, but first believe this; God wants us to have the best in life, so we must not compromise or settle for the least.  Do not think the best is behind you, it is yet to come. 
God will fulfill it for you, have faith!

Thanking God for his provision of settledness and most of all His saving grace, B

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My reaction to stress today!

Waking up each morning as I hear the shower of St. Philip going, my routine consist of, checking the clock (numbers are big!), donning my readers (Ugh!), grabbing my phone (bad habit), checking my email (1 in every 10 important!), then clicking on FB (another bad habit!).  But on a positive note, my newsfeed includes Proverbs 31 ministries' daily link.  A couple of weeks ago, one really resonated with me, so each day since I’ve grabbed that grace and strived to embrace these suggestions…

Your progress doesn't have to be perfect to be powerful. And a setback doesn't mean we should give up. Grab some grace and keep going.

Have one better reaction stress today.

Respond with gentleness and humility and refuse pride's pull to get angry.

Believe the best about someone instead of assuming the worst.

Make this a day you do more listening than talking.

Let someone else be celebrated without you being threatened.

Make some imperfect progress in that area of struggle today. In doing so, you'll look a little more like Jesus.
- Lysa TerKeurst 
Proverbs 31 Ministries
Spring door dressing/wreath making….was my reaction to stress today! 


 One for moi, one for mom!  Watch out if you have a naked door, 400 Epps can only handle so much stress relief tastefully.

Off to the farm to spend a couple of spring break days with my grandbabes!  Oh yeah, there ARE a few doors there.   Have a graced one, B

Monday, March 7, 2016

Grabbing some grace and moving on!

Trying to find my creative mind after a few months of the unexpected, emotional stuff called ready for spring and all the bright new beauty that comes with it!
If you're with me, let’s grab some grace and find it together!
Documenting and hoping to inspire, sharing just a few slow steps into a creative new season….

New adventure...spent a bit of time teaching myself the art of the slipcover through trial and error with only a bit of ripping out and redoing; thank goodness!  Started a tutorial to share, but about halfway into it, I figured I’d leave it to the slipcover experts.   And there are plenty out there, along with many books on the subject, one of which I've owned forever but didn't crack open. Probably should have! 
Just take my advice, if you’re interested;  jump on in, start small, use some inexpensive fabric, you can do it!


Wild Adventure, off to the farm with St. Philip, Mom, the dogs
 and sweet chatty Quinn! 
We are working on steps to the second floor bedroom/loft.  Hoping to take advantage of every inch of the place, I had an idea to build cabinet stairs; drew a sketch with dimensions and my carpenter saint went to work.   Looking on the web, I’m not the first with the idea (#TinyHouseCraze&All).  And after a trip to the Gonzales emergency room, St. Philip (my Eagle Scout) stitched up and OK, our "risers" are coming along. 
First rule…no dirty farm shoes on the stairs,
No thank you to grit in my dishes!

Can you say "Cozy"?

And onto Easter time..."Hopping" to host a GraceReclaimed Easter Show, planting ryegrass containers for egg hiding…just in case.

Using my new potting table and thanking St. Philip!

And yes, the mug is for me, not for the plants...
a bit of gardening and a bit of refreshment!
So as spring arrives, remember...
 you don't really have to grab grace!
It is given freely, especially if your hands are strained from trying to stitch things up, full of trying to hold on to loved ones or just a bit dirty from everyday life! 
Stepping tenderly into the season of grace, b