Sunday, November 22, 2015

GraceReclaimed Sunshine...

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With the rain came the shine and a bunch of lovely loyals!
As seems to be the case each year; with iffy forecast, little sleep and a full heart, I open my home for this annual event...
Glad to say this year, the sun came out and so did many precious clients and friends! 

I cannot thank everyone enough for braving the weather and the Tomball Holiday Parade traffic to attend the 2015 GraceReclaimed Christmas Trunk Show! 

Every year, from the early arrivers to the last minute shoppers; I love visiting, but hate it when I miss an opportunity to chat because I'm on a ladder or running for more items to fill an empty space.  So my apologies to those who I didn't get to catch up with!  But please know that you are so appreciated and a true blessing to this designer/creator/collector of treasures/maker of things!
I spent yesterday afternoon, napping wandering around the place straightening what little was left of my wares and rearranging areas where I sold things unintended.  I love that ya'll love my stuff! 
And each fall when the time comes to start deciding whether to host another, all I have to do is remember the blessings you are to me and my decision is made!

So, to each and everyone of you, have a full of blessing Thanksgiving and a wonderful God filled Christmas! 
Most sincerely and in God's gracious care, B

Thursday, November 19, 2015

GraceReclaimed 2015 Christmas Trunk Show Update...

The old Charlton place is almost ready….
I know I promised to blog about GraceReclaimed’s upcoming event!  But I find myself so caught up in catching up that I’ve hardly had time to think…much less put pen to paper/fingertips to keyboard!     

And honestly, these days there have been much more important things to think about and focus on than my trunk show shenanigans…
Life can be so hard ~ but God is always so good!
But, just so you know, I’ve been soaking up the songs of Christmas and working steadily to get ready for Saturday and all my wonderful friends and clients.  
The forecast says a chance of rain, but I'm choosing shine and opening the doors either way!
Can’t wait to see each and every one of you!
Yours in God's gracious care, B