Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October flew in on her broom....

I’ve decided that this is truly the bewitching month…

October sneaks in each year, almost unexpectedly, sweeping all remnants of September aside in a flash with her trusty broom!
It’s as if she uses the heat of our Texas summer to ignite her ride in and get fall started, but in the rush forgets to bring the cool weather along!
Of course, I’m always caught a bit off guard! 
 Not sure why, because I love fall!  So I’m going for pumpkins tomorrow and running past all the Halloween candy in the stores!  Then I’ll be rushing to finish all my client work so I can ready myself for this year’s
Grace Reclaimed Christmas Trunk Show!
Pencil me in please for
....November 20th!!!!

I started a little project last week, just to get my feet toasty…

No animals were harmed in the making of this wreath!

Then found myself eyeing the magnolia leaves being cut from my neighbor’s trees on Monday with visions of garland dancing in my head!  I pleeeeased St. Philip into asking the tree guy if he would mind loading our truck instead of his with the cuttings….and I was off!

Just a smidgen of my cuttings!
The remnants!
Garland anyone?
I know, I know, they will be brown soon!  But I just had to try my hand and I am praying they carry me into the holidays with their wonderful waxy winter warmth!

Anyway, I'm getting in the spirit and creating my plan...
because like everyone else is proclaiming,
Hey Y’all ~ It’s Fall!
Gracefully wiggling my nose, B!

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