Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Minding my biscuits....

I know…I’m not a food blogger!  In fact, I’m not sure I fit into any set blogging category!
But I just couldn’t resist sharing this delicious recipe with you. 
It all started when I was looking for some “brunch” recipes for Mom’s 80th birthday celebration and came across this sinful recipe on Pinterest.

Biscuits and Gravy Casserole 
I asked Danel of
(highly recommend if you need a caterer),
to prepare it as part of the menu.
~Now we're addicted~
Can’t tell you how the family and guests raved,
including my younger guys "the picky eaters". 
I’ve even had to teach my middle guy how to make it for his college crew.  
It’s an easy no fail recipe that is perfect for a weekend breakfast,
crowd or just a couple...
easy to double+ and leftovers are even better! 
I’m almost embarrassed to tell you who prepared this batch.
 Well, it wasn't me...
Let's just say, St. Philip knows his way around the kitchen, thank goodness! 
At 58, I try to pretend we don't have one!
So if you are feeling like some comfort food and not worried about the guilt that might soak in afterward,
 jut click on this Pinterest link for the recipe. 
Or if you're not a Pinterest junkie, leave a comment and I'll forward the recipe of sin along!

Grace and biscuits to you this fine day! B


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Weekend Snag, better late than never….

Back to reality from my extended vacation in the extremely cool Pagosa Springs.  
It has taken me a hardheaded while to come to the realization that I still live in this unforgivingly hot and sultry Texas!
And even though I’ve been here since I was eleven and I love it …
Gaud, it seems hotter now!
Speaking of heat,
St. Philip and I spent this past Sunday afternoon in a tiny home nestled amongst giants in West U at an Esweat Sale, thanks to the feels like 103 degree temps…
all for these treasures.

I know what you are thinking...what on earth?
Let's just say, I've got some crazy ideas for this year's GraceReclaimed Trunk Show!
The sink is actually going to the Shaw Family Farm.
The chair "an absolute steal" has great bones
and the vintage garden fencing, just wait and see!
This wild and whimsical bed, I'm still pondering on it!!!!
And if you caught a glimpse of the old cement urn just to the right of the top pic,
 it has a mate! 
Bought them dirt and all for pennies on the dollar. 
St. Philip had to clean them out for transport, on the spot, in that 103 temperature! Why I always come home...
Gracefully undeserving, B

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PS ~ Studio "Break In"

I’ve spent the last many days in a more than beautiful setting with an especially gracious friend.  Robin, my past 7thJoy cohort and conspirator, invited me to spend a bit of the summer with her in Pagosa Springs, where she and her husband recently purchased a stunning piece of earth. 
Along with keeping her company, brainstorming on building plans, exploring, taking in the surrounding beauty and lots of recreating…we also hatched a plan for a small “break in”!

After all, nobody knows us here, YET!

This extremely old but cool log structure came with their property; referred to by her husband as kindling, but pictured by Robin and agreed by myself as the perfect “mountain art studio”.  Almost the only thing keeping her from her dream was the lack of a key to the place.  A bit hesitant but not deterred by the sketchy structural condition, its deadbolt protection made the two of us even more determined to get inside!

So after pricing a pricey locksmith, she and I headed to Ace for the next best thing,
 ~ a pry bar ~ 
With hats, gloves, and no sense in hand,
we headed to their mountain place to get break in!!


We began gently, hoping to save the door.  But after trading back and forth the responsibility of prying and pulling, avoiding a rather large persistent bee and jumping just a tad through our skin at the appearance of a tiny door dwelling mouse, we managed to pry the door the wrong way out, totally wrecking the hinges…

Opened just enough to spook us, the door appeared to have been locked from the inside.  Missing key, still in the lock!  You can guess what went through our minds next, what or more like WHO “past tense” might we stumble upon?

 She being the brave soul she is gingerly stepped inside, pry bar in hand of course, while I, the designated documentarian gingerly leaned in with my camera.  After stepping oh so carefully around on the questionable creaking floor and climbing up the loft ladder with extreme caution; I’m glad to report no WHO was found…
Just some old ski jackets/coats and a lantern!
Some primitive furniture, funky melamine and an empty dutch oven;
we checked in that too...

Plus a really neat old iron stove with an empty nest from what we assume were the last inhabitants.

Break in complete, key in hand, adrenaline rush over; we decided to leave the clean-up for later! 
Conclusion ~ kindling it is not, potential galore it has!
With a view to die for, no pun intended!

Their back porch view of Pagosa Peak...
So this summer is just the beginning of Robin's adventure with her husband in Pagosa Springs, a place filled with beauty and the gracefulness of God’s amazing pen.
 Everywhere you look is evidence of His handiwork.  I was truly blessed to share in the newness of the journey!  Just hoping I didn’t wear out my welcome and she doesn’t forget where Home is.
PS~I love you and I’ll be back soon…

Gracefully headed home filled with fresh air and calm, B