Monday, April 27, 2015

Guest Artist

This weekend I hosted a guest artist...well, it was just Jackson, but a true artist he is!

Last year in art class, he used a color and watercolor technique to create this one of a kind self  "swimming" portrait.   I insisted on bringing it home to frame for the new house.   And have begged him ever since to create another portrait of his sister and brother as a companion.
Well, needless to say, a great artist cannot be forced to create or be told what to paint.  Right Darlene Meader Riggs???

So my overnight guest artist and I decided to set up our kitchen studio, listen to Pandora Film Scores, particularly "Transformers"  and paint together.  I was hoping that he might change his mind about doing the companion, but no luck.  While he painted a multi character portrait of his most recently acquired Marvel Mashers...

I with his direction and design suggestions, attempted to forge/copy his artistic style in my own portrait of Quinn and Sawyer, swim ready!

I'd say it was a win for both of us!  I so cherish spending creative time with this guy...He did an awesome job with his first acrylic and I managed to finish a project for hanging in the kiddo's bathroom at the new house, with his approval of course!

And as any legit "Copyist" should do...I signed my name to the back, so no one would mistake it for an original Jackson piece!  Just FYI!

Gracefully and completely smitten with my guest artist, b

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Friend of Mine....

Today’s rain brought with it my first beautiful springtime bloom.  I have been anxiously waiting and praying that the hydrangeas I planted in my garden last year might somehow survive me and my shortcomings as a gardener! 
Miracle of miracles…they have!

But this rainy day also brought the celebration of life for my best friend’s Mother!
A strong and beautiful women, I was blessed to know and grow up loving.  Today as many days of late, I am reminded of what is truly important in life.  Of how much we don’t realize, but should, the influence and example our lives can be for others. 
She to mine was immeasurable!

Her daughter, my sweet and almost lifelong friend, spoke her own Mom’s eulogy with unbelievable poise, love and eloquence.  As I drove home in awe, I thanked God for giving her strength and the gift of her words that blessed so many…
But most of all I thanked Him for the gift of her family and her, who loved and love me despite of my shortcomings...
Miracle of miracles!
In 2 Samuel 1:26b, David says of Jonathan, " … Your friendship was a miracle-wonder, love far exceeding anything I’ve known — or ever hope to know," (MSG). That’s ultimately what God gives us in friendship: a real life, everyday miracle in the form of another person.  
May God bless you with many friend miracles and your plantings with blooms of graceful beauty and great influence!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Almost a weekend snag!

I started scouring Craig's List for two things desperately needed for the Abbott's new home!
1. A slipcovered sofa; light/washable/well made...say Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel, DEFINITELY NOT IKEA!
2. A leather recliner or 2; great condition, transitional lines...say Lane or Crate & Barrel,  JUST NOT PUFFY LAYERED PLEATHER OR ASHLEY!
Well 12+ months later, I have become quite the seasoned Craig's List Shopper.  I have emailed more questions than Barbara Walters to more sellers than I can count and forwarded way too many listings to a "friend" by the name of Tyler, who most of the time didn't reply because his pockets are about as deep as the ones sewn together in a brand new suit! God love him, good thing his personal shopper is his MOM!
Well, persistence pays!

Lo and behold, today I snagged these leather chairs!

Priced at $100 each or $150 for both!!!
You read it, $150 for a pair of full leather chairs!


 Not recliners, 
but wonderfully deep & extremely comfortable! 
Well made and in excellent condition!
Who needs that prone to break mechanized footrest or grease spotted headrest anyway?
Next CL search..."ottoman" of course!
Yes the sofa still eludes me! 
Oh, there have been several that were promising,
but the Abbott sofa budget stars just did not align.  
I have faith however, that it is out there somewhere, just waiting for it's owner to be over laundering it's slips...
   Can't really imagine anyone letting go of one of these jewels, as I am a true believer that slipcovered sofas are perfect for a family with small kids and dogs. 
Trust me, I have lived with and love one, boys and all! 
Always just one machine wash away from new life!!
Speaking of new life, I pray you all had a wonderful, full of blessings Easter...
Ours was a weekend of little guests searching for hidden Easter bags, 
College guys in at jackrabbit speed grabbing their chocolate on the way out....

Between that, Easter service at St. Cecilia's again, listening to Cameron share God's gift of music.  Bless his heart, he had to transpose all the music 30 minutes beforehand for his Bb trumpet, after his loaner C fell through. 
Cool as a always!
Springtime grace and peace to you,
Craig's List Looker and Teary Eyed Mom, B