Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Car Ride Clarity and Weekend Snag…

This Sunday,
St. Philip & I took a mind clearing drive out Brenham Way.
The fog and dismal drizzle of this year’s March have been compounded by a bit of a rainy season in our lives. 
So when a little birdy shared a post about the
& the weather began to clear, we decided to hit the road!
  The flea was very small and booth displays were a tad underwhelming, but not a total loss…
A sweet elderly vendor was clearing the remnants of a shop he and his wife had owned for years in Smithville, trying to regain some space in his garage. 
Of course my saint immediately felt a kinship! 
He only had a few things on his table but we felt an obligation to help him out.  And these two jewels were just what I had hoped to find!

Henry Alcock Parisian porcelain gravy dish from 1891
Ironstone gravy tureen with lid and ladle, Unmarked circa 1875
 A mutually sweet deal!!

After that 
Coffee & pie for lunch,
an impromptu stop to visit the grandbugs,
and a slow drive home under clear skies & Venus was
“car ride clarity”. 
The rainy season mentioned; well I’ll just say the last couple of months have been a bit trying around the Shaw abode, to say the very least.  It is that time in our lives when our parents’ health becomes a focusing journey and constant reminder of the extraordinary gift they have been to our lives thus far! 
Our fathers are two remarkably strong men, but both in the midst of fighting overwhelming medical battles!
As we walk alongside, support and love them through this time, we pray for God’s strength, provision, guidance and grace!  Your prayers would be graciously welcomed!
Enjoy the sunshine, take a drive, hug someone close! 
Counting my Father and Father-in-law blessings, B

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