Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Catching Up....

February showed up three days ago and caught me busier than I’d like to be…You see I usually celebrate the new year with a bit of hibernation, regrouping, reading, and catching up on things I love but don’t always have time for! 
Not the case thus far… lots going on, not all so good!
After not so cheerfully tying up a few 2014 design loose ends…
hate it when that happens and I’m selfish with my Januarys;
I’ve been trying to catch-up, clean-up and reorganize for 2015.
On a bright note of accomplishment,
Tyler & Michelle’s home is coming along, a work in progress...and I'm happy to be included!

Working with a Tylerbudget can prove challenging!
 A few simple antlers....

 Burlap and Cowhide...8 year old client castoffs with new custom panels!

Big celebrations call for at least partial project completion, right?!
Reclaimed Wood Display and canvas, just a little housewarming gift..
A couple of passed down pieces...painted with DIY ChalkPaint,
just a bit more distressing and glazing to finish!
(check out tested chalkpaint recipes here  SalvagedInspirations.com)
Two thirds of the return on my design investment...
these precious January babies...Quinn and Sawyer!!

So as February begins, I continue to contemplate my YEARLY decision
to retire & refocus ~ Or Not!
For now, I’m keeping my options open, limiting myself to one client at a time, concentrating on getting the Old Charlton place market ready.  Forever gearing up for more morning walks, swimming with friends, painting
and cooking more to St. Philip's delight!

 Hoping to host a GraceReclaimed “SPRUNG” Sale in April, as even with a surprisingly successful Christmas Trunk Show, my little shop of surplus remains bountifully overflowing!
 I'll keep you posted....come Spring!  But let us not rush!!

Welcome to 2015 my friends, I hope your year has had a beautiful beginning, bulging with hope and bursting with grace, B
Post Script 1~
Remember how precious life is and that the time we have with our parents is something to be constantly nourished, respectfully relished and always cherished!
Post Script 2~
Downton Abbey,  If you haven’t, you should!
Catch up first, I did, 4 season marathon over the holidays with St. Philip (he’s good like that).
Now immensely enjoying Season 5!  The fashion alone is enough for me…..
Post Script 3~
I have managed to get through some of the last book in this series....
Outlander by Diana Galbaldon, Wonderful Novels, Interesting Author!



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