Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekend Snag, my new addiction/obsession….

 ~Good Monday friends~  
Let me just say thanks for all the love and sweet support expressed about my ramblings last week. It was such a blessing and helped me decide to blog awhile longer....
I pray your weekend was restful and relaxing!
I wish I could say that mine was both,
but I find myself recovering from a bit of a SNAG High. 
 It seems I have become a little addicted or obsessed!
~It all started when I thought I’d check out Craig’s List for furniture pieces for Tyler's new home.  You have no idea how many awesomely priced sofas I've forwarded to he and my daughter-in-law this last year!
Who is CRAIG anyway?  
I’d like to get my hands on him thank him for this newly developed addiction.  Because of him, I may have to join Furniture Buyer’s Anonymous and admit that I am a chair whore!! 
AND then there is mentioned them last week. Buyers beware! My white dish obsession has morphed into china closet hoarder proportions and believe me, this old house has no china closet!!!
This week's binge began on Friday morning.  Before a busy work day, I talked my sweet Mom into running with me to an Estate Sale in Magnolia...Yes she drove over in a downpour; did I say she's a trooper?
We picked up all of this before 9:30 a.m...
I just love these old ceramic Christmas Trees, an art form from the past! Can’t believe I scored both.  Plus a sweet set of American made vintage dessert plates and just a few old pastry molds.

And after a little cajoling on Saturday, I talked St. Philip into driving me to Katy to pick up these two old girls. 
Vintage Library Chairs just waiting for new frocks! 
A steal for $80, yes for both!

So there you have it, my addicted, obsessed self, finished the weekend on something other than a sugar high! 
Planning a GraceReclaimed trunk show…
will be the 1st step in my much needed 12 step program!
Gracefully shuffling through my sweet stuff, b

Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Snag...and a sprinkle of thought!

I’ve decided that this blog serves many purposes for me….

A place to share
the joy and grace of God….
   people or things I love and cherish…
cool or beautiful design stuff (at least in my eyes)…
  my latest shenanigans (just in case you want to play)…
and last, not least, thoughts about life & how I don’t always handle it so well!

All simply to give ya’ll a reason to hope, shop, think or just laugh…even if it’s at me! 

In the last several months, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about whether to continue this blog thing or if I should just step away from the laptop.   After much thought, I’m still here!  Because I found that this blog is more than just my ramblings, it is a mirror into my heart. 
 It also helps me to hope, think and laugh… yes at myself! 
 I need no help with the shopping thing!

Speaking of shopping, here is my WEEKEND SNAG~

Wicker nightstand for Quinn's new room $28...on approval!
A little blue & white $18...can never have too much!
And the find of the day, English Ironstone Platters
...less than $5.00 for all three!
Value~~Up to $100!

Estate Sales with St. Philip, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon…Am I not blessed that he would rather ride along with me on my crazy hunt than watch Sunday football? 

Maybe~~~!!  But I just love it when those Aggies play…wink, wink!

 In case you’ve never been to an Estate Sale and don’t know what you are missing, here is a link or two!
May your week's platter be brimming with grace, b