Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Crying In My Cinnamon Toast.....

This past Sunday we moved our last boy to college!


~Garrison Lee Shaw~
Sam Houston State University,
Criminology (I stand corrected, most of the time!)
Criminal Justice Major, ROTC & Bearcat Marching Band
And much to mom’s dismay, soon to join the Army National Guard with a heart set on becoming an Army Ranger after college; 
no small feat, please pray!
GARRISON AND ST. PHILIP (my other boy!)
YES I LOOK TIRED....AND HE LOOKS READY,  please read on!!!!
After 33 years of raising boys, my first born in 1981 and my last in 1996,
I’m freeeeee ~ but all I have done for the last three days….is sit in my work space, think, worry and cry in my cinnamon toast…
Someone please kick me in the seat of my pjs!
With three guys happily launched into their futures and doing well, all who made it through their formative years without tragic incidents or life changing lapses in judgment, I consider myself blessed beyond measure!  God is so good!!!
I keep telling myself, it is time to stop worrying, rearrange my empty nest and start kicking things up and around a bit.   But I’m a worrier by genetics, thanks Mom.... 

 You see, I left Garrison all by himself
 (band members checked in a week early)
…On the 4th floor of an antiquated dorm in a miniscule room
(my Lord, it is smaller than the one I stayed in at Southwest Texas in 1975) 
...Sleeping on a bunk/loft bed
(with NO rail, what on earth are they thinking with all those college kids who know no limits?)
Where no one will know if he falls off in his sleep, hits his head on the edge of the desk, lands on the concrete floor in the middle of the night, no 911 call to be made!!!
This is the way my mind works…..don't laugh~
So after 3 pretty much sleepless nights, texting each morning “just to check in” and praying for an answer (2 out of three ain’t bad), I’m hanging up my worrying “genes”, putting on my work pants (allbethem a bit cinnamon toast tight), rearranging my work space and looking forward to some creative escaping!
So come along with me as I find my new “sonsgone” self!  I’ve got a lot of new ideas, GraceReclaimed vignette of the week, GraceReclaimed Trunk Show Return and a bit of client work inbetwixed!
It’s about time I got to it!!!! 
Happy Back to School, No More Cinnamon Toast or Excuses and….My Grace Reclaimed!
Love to you who care, b

p.s. to my garrison....don't forget where HOME is!


  1. Bittersweet times for sure, Belinda! But there are definite perks to empty nests and I know you'll soon discover that!! I'll discuss our upcoming project any time you're ready if you need to find a new focus!! :) (And from a mom with a son who rarely calls home, I just take that as a sign that he's happy and that's exactly what I want for him!!)

  2. I laughed and I cried and I am filled with disbelief that B's house is finally "boy free". How is that even possible? You should be so very proud of your cinnamon toast self. THREE boys? And look at you - no straight jacket in sight! :) Much love and happy congrats to you and St. Philip. "Job well done" hardly covers it. Love you -- come see me. I'll make you pancakes. <3

    1. It is hard to believe isn't it D...Thanks to friends like you, no straight jacket needed. I'm coming to see you soon, get the batter ready! love, b

  3. Oh Girl, I feel your pain! My life almost reads the same...After 34 years of raising children, my first born in 1980 and my last in 1995, we take Quinn on Friday to A&M Corpus Christi. Boohoo!
    I don't like the sound of Empty Nest...we should get together and cry in our drink of choice. Hot tea for me :)

    1. Jana...will pray for an easy and safe trip for you all to Corpus and a great first year for Quinn. And when you get back we should have tea and cinnamon toast!!!

  4. Loved the blog. Garrison will do fine, he is strong willed, self confident and knows what he wants! Not bad at 18! Not sure about falling off the bed lol. Glad I did not get moms worry gene :) but you have to take the good with the bad when it comes to genes. Your nest will never be empty because they always return home for some love and cookies!