Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The perfect birthday wish!

May blessing, purpose, fulfillment and love chase you down all year long!

Karen Appleton

I shared this on my blog a few months ago because it struck such a chord with me…
But yesterday I received this birthday wish from the very person I borrowed it from….one of my favorite bloggers and all around inspirational people, Chance Scoggins (Thank you Chance!)
Don’t you love it?
Just imagine blessing, purpose, fulfillment and love running up from behind you and happily scaring the living doubt out of you!  Like a flood of God’s grace and spirit roaring up and sweeping you off your feet to carry you through each and every day of your new year!
I’m thinking this year that I may stop running so fast and let all those wonderful things gain on me a bit!
Thank you all for chasing me through this birthday with your friendship, love and blessings!
Praying the very same blessing for you all, even if it isn’t your birthday!
Gracefully yours, B