Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In Case You Missed It!

I had a little sale over Easter Weekend!
 It was so much fun, the weather so nice and the company so sweet….
That I’m thinking of repeating myself.
So keep an eye out for another weekend
“wayafternoon” invitation
 to shop, sip & sit a spell!
And I’ll be posting a few things for sale on the
 “Latest Creations” page,
 just in case you like shopping from your favorite chair.

Love  to all of you who shopped by & stayed a while!
You made my Easter holiday!
And inspired me!!
As well, this young man....playing the entire service at St. Cecilia's Easter Service in Houston!
Way to go Cameron!!
 And on a side note....
Happy Birthday love
to Mrs. Violet Shaw,
 a very special southern lady in our lives! 
"May blessing, purpose, fulfillment and love chase you down all year long!"
 (borrowed, thank you Chance Scoggins for the greatest wish I've ever heard!!)
Hope your Easter was filled with the true awesomeness of God's Grace!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Happy Birthday my awesome warrior friend!

Thought this worth sharing again...
Happy Happy 57th not 58th Birthday, Darlene!

Anyone see the resemblance???

Love you my turquoise bejeweled, strong and beautiful  friend!!!!

Originally posted April, 2010....
From last year to this, alot has changed....and you are even more special in my heart!
Who is the Indian woman depicted in a beautiful bronze in front of
Santa Fe’s St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral? I was drawn to this statue of a magical and beautiful woman, adorned with turquoise jewelry, holding eagle feathers.
She is Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha (1656-1680), honored by the Roman Catholic Church as the patroness of ecology and the environment and also known as Lily of the Mohawks.

The Catholic Church declared Kateri venerable in 1943.
She was beatified in 1980 by Pope John Paul II.
Kateri is the first Native American to be declared Blessed.

1. commanding respect because of great age or impressive dignity;
2. impressive or interesting because of age, antique appearance, etc.: a venerable oak tree.

be·at·i·fy–verb (used with object),-fied, -fy·ing
1. to make blissfully
2. to declare to be among the blessed

All of this explanation and a little creative license with “Webster”…just to say, Kateri reminds me of a very special, almost lifelong friend who loves the outdoors, feathers and all gifts of nature! With April being the month she was born, I’ve decided to share this beautiful bronze statue I saw recently in Sante Fe
and thoughts of this beautiful statuesque friend with everyone!

stat·u·esque–adjectivelike or suggesting a statue, as in massive or majestic dignity, grace, or beauty.

And since I’m in the dictionary mode, I’ll go with that….
Lily Dar·lene – noun

a female given name: from the Old English word meaning “darling.”
and although I wouldn’t describe her as “darling”, I would describe her as daring, determined, dedicated (to what she believes in, for sure), definite,
devoted (to the end, thank goodness!),
difficult (at times, but only if necessary), diligent,
dimpled (maybe, she is 50+), domineering (never??),
doting (as a grandmother of 2.99), dutiful (to a fault),
defiant (never in her younger years…but now, Yes!),
dancing (throughout life), daydreaming (and beautifully sharing it),
deafening (no just a little deaf, yet always tuned in),
decadent (only her pies, I hear), decent (always…in the a.m.), deserving (most definitely), and
most importantly, DEAR to me forever and always!

Happy Birthday, my precious and JOYFUL friend, I love you!

Monday, April 14, 2014

En plein air

French for Alfresco,

describing an activity done outside,

Say for instance,

 the Spring

GraceReclaimed Alfresco SALE…



 In case you were anxiously

 anticipating the Sale planned for earlier this month,

I hope you used your pencil!

After much rain watching, deliberating and creating....


Yes, we all know I'm a little crazy....
Yes, I know it is Easter Weekend....!
And yes, I'm crossing my "buns" that you'll be in town!
So rest and reflect on Good Friday

 Then scurry on over Saturday "wayafternoon" 
( April 19th, 4-7p.m. ) 
for some
"En plein air" shopping
 a glass of wine or strawberry lemonade!
Bring a chair, sit a spell!

Check out the Latest Creations Page for a preview....
Praying for a God's glorious springtime day,
 blessed with the faces of you, my friends and clients!!

~Keep an eye out for the GraceReclaimed Golden Egg~

Grace and Easter blessings, b