Sunday, March 23, 2014

What is eloquence?

The ability to speak or write well & in an effective way,
                                            gift of gab!
Several years ago an old and dear friend set up a beautiful website for myself and another friend who decided to start a “little decorative pillow making and fiber art business”.  
At the same time the website friend suggested that one or both of us start blogging to draw attention to "SeventhJoy".  
 I took her direction and jumped into the blogging part wholeheartedly.  Just hoping and praying that someone might read my ramblings… regardless of my lack of eloquent writing ability.

Fast forward to 2014, website and little 7thJoy dissolved… (let’s just say, we ran out of stuffing!), and I’m still blogging along with a few sweet & faithful followers as GraceReclaimed!

So you might ask, Why keep writing?

I know without being told that there are many who write with more beautiful eloquence and poetic wanderlust than I. The words so smooth, clear, and powerful that their posts can’t arrive fast enough.  And there are a multitude of blogs by spirit filled writers I admire for their faith, knowledge and devotion.  Their inspirational thoughts cause me to fall in love with God’s word even more deeply.  I can only dream of writing such…..

Still I write my elementary gifted gab about simple experiences, pretty things, design stuff, family love, all with an occasional attempt to share the beauty of
God’s amazing grace. 

So I guess I write for two reasons,
to remind myself of blessings that abound if I just open my eyes wide...
and to share things I love and find inspiring so that other may be reminded too!

And maybe just maybe, if for no one else, my boys and my grandbabes; might have a bit of me documented in time, to read if they choose or when they can.  Just in case, what I love and cherish somehow blossoms in whom they become.

All this to say, thanks to those who take the time to read!  I am blessed that you stop by and I receive your comments with true delight!   There is just something about knowing what I share is truly SHARED!  You are a Gift!
Hoping your March is leading to an abundant and full of grace April!  B 

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Gracefull "Glas" Day to You!

May I share some "luck" and some love today?

A great green "lucky" find!
I have been searching high and low for a natural jute rug; ever since last fall when I made a road trip to Pottery Barn Outlet with my partner in crime, Robin. 
We were doing some redesigning over at her place and she needed a couple of new rugs!
We got some great deals(worth a road trip to San Marcos, Tx).  Came home with at least 3, one of which I wanted if she decided against it….just my luck, she didn’t!
Anyway, we all know there is a reason for everything.   Almost six months and quite a bit of patience later I just purchased this steal from World Market! 

It is nothing but perfect! The color is Agave, a luscious silvery gray blue green. In addition, it is soft on the feet...
Exactly what my room needed!

 And the price, well let’s just say it is the absolute cheapest 9x12 jute rug I’ve come across in forever! 
At 50% off, it was only $184.00
(price varies a bit depending on color, but still a bargain) 

  It also comes in Natural & Charcoal….
Don’t wait, Sale ends today!   No paid ad here!
This size is only on line, but you can order from one of their stores and save the delivery charge, just sayin!
Now for the Love....
Two bloggers I adore for very different reasons…
 Grammy Nominated, Dove Award Winning Music Producer, studio singer and songwriter,
is just down right inspirational, putting it mildly!
His latest post, Why Not You??

Me, myself, I was needing a swift kick in the pants!
(Please take time to read it, you might feel a little boot yourself!)

The other,
Sherry Hart, a creative, inspirational and hilarious designer, in that order! She always makes me laugh!
Just suffice it to say, I wait “not so patiently”
for each & every one of their posts!
  So….today I’m feeling extremely blessed, creative and inspired!
And if I believed in luck, lucky!
May God's gracious green earth open up to you today!
Happy St. Patrick's Day my friends!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Texas is so fickle…

Just a couple of posts ago I was enjoying the look of Spring in my back yard
Today, not so much!
It has been so very nice having what feels like a real winter…I love cold weather, truly I do, just not this drizzly, icy stuff that keeps me cooped up in so many ways… 
So I’m hailing Springtime  today; ignoring the inevitable heatwave that will follow!

Come on sunshine, I’m ready to plant my garden of GraceReclaimed ideas.....
And in case you too are anticipating Spring;
 I’m planning to host my
GraceReclaimed Spring Alfresco Sale to get things blooming~
Hope you don't already have plans for April's
first weekend!

 I repeat and hope not to be fick·le ˈfikəl
due to weather this time,

April 5th, 2014,
Mark your busy calendars, pencils please!!
You know Texas~~
Gracefully waving to the Sun that shines regardless! B

Monday, March 3, 2014

Attending a Blue & White Bash

I love reading design blogs to see others' take on what is beautiful.  And always find it inspiring when bloggers gather to share a like subject. 
Apparently The Pink Pagoda 
hosts a little Blue & White Bash every month….
I can’t believe as much as I love my blue and white, it’s taken me this long to stumble upon this gathering~
Thought I’d join the party for once and hope I can contribute something worthwhile.
So here goes…I’m crashing, well, not really…it’s an open invite for all design loveths!!

Old library shelves built in the 1940's, updated with a little burlap backing!
Just don't look too closely though, a typical middle of the night project I did before one of my Trunk Shows, using a coat of white paint as adhesive (but it worked!)
My little Grace Reclaimed study here on Epps  and a couple of other shots from around the lovely old girl!

Wall color in both rooms is SW Austere Gray,
a great soft graygreenblue!

Did you know that blue is supposed to calm curb the appetite 
Perfect palette for a dining room!
Especially in my case….you’d think I’d be skinny by now~

Speak to the Israelites and say to them: Make fringes on the edges of your clothing for all time. Have them put blue cords on the fringe on the edges.  This will be your fringe. You will see it and remember all the Lord’s commands and do them. Then you won’t go exploring the lusts of your own heart or your eyes. In this way you’ll remember to do all my commands. Then you will be holy to your God.

Numbers 15:38-40 CEB
I keep praying the blue will remind me not to lust for chocolate....just kidding!
If you haven't guessed by now,
Of all God's wonderful colors, blue is my favorite!
Have a gracefully blue day, B
And take time to look at all the wonderful contributors to