Monday, February 3, 2014

When you least expect it….a new kind of post~blogett!

Funny when you are not looking for something, Something shows up.
My life and work has been full of those moments.   But I won’t go into the life part…
Aha, I caught you before you said, “Oh for Heaven’s sake, here she goes”
No, I’ll keep this short and worthwhile!
I love it when I find a great deal on a beautiful decorative item.  Immediately I say to myself, or whoever might be in earshot (even if I don’t know them), who needs this?  Someone NEEDS this!!!

There has to be a reason I find these things, right?   So, I’ve decided to start sharing my latest great find with my blog followers, just in case one of you needs it!  
My new Home Stylist mission!
 This weekend I was doing a little client shopping…trying to avoid the pillow isle, but I couldn’t help myself.  And look what I stumbled upon.
These wonderful jute pillows at Tuesday Morning!   Yes, they are in the most wonderful colors, yes they come in two sizes and yes they are a mere $14.99, I repeat JUST $14.99.   Even if they shed a little, I say in small print!!!
Indoor or Outdoor, they are the perfect textural addition to today's relaxed home style!   I bought two, going back for more,  because  SOME ONE  I need them!!!
See what I mean, when you least expect it!
May your day be full of God’s grace & unexpected blessings,  Most sincerely,  B

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