Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Days After Christmas & Merry Rest of the New Year!

As Christmas with its wings flew by this year….me hanging on as usual for dear life, I really tried to take it day by meaningful day!!  But yet again, I feel that little twinge of letdown, thinking about someone I missed getting to see, time spent on unnecessary things, and just the usual regret that it is already over. 

It happens every year as I start to dismantle the mantle and every other inch of this Old Charlton House…she looks so pretty in her Christmas finery!  I didn’t even get a chance to share her outfit with you, so here are a few shots of her dressed for the season.





And as I do the dismantling, I always get a little melancholy….especially when January begins with dreary, drizzly, overcast skies! 
But two things inspired me yesterday as God’s sun peaked out just a tad, 
this post and must read by Chance Scoggins
~ Please take the time ~ 
and this beautiful song by Matthew West ~ Day After Christmas from The Heart Of Christmas, just perfect!
If you haven't pressed play should!
 The light of the world is still here, no Christmas lights required....
Merry Joyfull New Year! , b

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