Tuesday, August 28, 2012

He who sows virtue, reaps honor!

Yesterday was an extra special first day of school day for me.

My youngest set out to begin his junior year without his RIDE…

His older brother is now bittersweetly away at college and he is just a few days away from getting his license and driving his beloved “new to him” Jeep Cherokee. So Heaven help him...Dad resumed drop off duty, but better than the totally uncool option, MOM!

This year he is beyond excited to be attending Tomball Memorial High, playing his sax as part of the roarin’ blue band under the direction of his favorite band director, Mr. Easton! And reunited with some great friends who moved over when the new school opened last year.

We are all anticipating an over the top, full of possibilities year, praying that each step will be directed and blessed by God. This boy deserves it; he has survived the last two with a strength that is mind boggling and a never give up, positive attitude. I can only attribute this perseverance to his faith, determination and God’s constant alongside stance.

Who would have known when I named him…

GARRISON - noun \ˈger-ə-sən \ : a military post; especially: a permanent military installation

That my baby would aspire to become an Army Ranger,

And be a young man who loves his God and his country without reservation.

His favorite quote…. He who sows virtue, reaps honor - Leonardo Davinci


I am in awesome love with this boy…looking forward to the next 2 years with just him. Knowing now that when it’s his turn to leave the nest, I’ll be joyfull and beyond proud! B

And to push joy over the top, another special 5 year old in my life started kindergarten...Is he not the most handsomely precious boy you've ever seen???

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