Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Simply Significant Art…..

Have you often wondered…Where can I find something different to use as artwork; something I don’t see in everyone else’s home, a piece that I will love for a long time if not forever???  But also won’t break the bank!!  Well, I’d like to help you!
As a Home Stylist in Tomball, Texas I run across this issue often.  Unlike many years ago, there is truly an abundance of beautiful artwork available to us now.  But I work for some great clients who find that spending hundreds of dollars on one piece of artwork, either doesn’t fit in their budget or their design psyche.   A challenge I relish…finding beautiful options that leave money for more important things!
Number 1 on my list, Travel Art!  Here, a couple of small water colors by an obscure artist discovered in the square of New Orleans on a trip gifted me by a dear friend for my 50th  birthday.  Thanks Shelly!

One is just the perfect example of architecture along the streets of Orleans, the other a beautiful interpretation of Oak Alley, a glorious plantation home surrounded by 300 year old oaks.
They are simply framed and given a prominent home near my front door.  I grouped them with another altered photo print from a very interesting, leather skinned artist I met in the central market while visiting Santa Fe with St. Philip.   They are similarly framed and the continuity in color and subject matter make them great companions!

Option 2, Kid Art.  Your children’s creativity can be a wonderful addition to any room, reminiscent of the masters!  Both my boys had an art teacher in elementary school that used the masters as inspiration for her classroom.  I just cherish their work, priceless!

3rdly, Collected Objects.  Whether it be special cards, linens, programs, old music sheets, whatever you adore….frame it!  If it says something to you, about you or for you, it will make great art.  I.E.

I will never tire of these; they welcome guests, warm my space, and make for great conversation.  But best of all, they constantly remind me of the lovefull memories and blessings that fill my heart. 

A picture is worth a thousand words… 
     Your home is a reflection of you...
   You are what you hang….oh never mind, wrong verb!

Anyway, just open your eyes to the possibilities! What can you frame that means something to you and yours? And like I said, leave money in the budget for more important things, like making more memories! Hanging Joy! B

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. Proverbs 24:3-4

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

444 days without…

How I lived four hundred and forty four days without a master bathroom and St. Philip lived to tell about it!  Only kidding,
 just not about the FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR DAYS! 

It was Spring Break 2011 when the demolition started, and according to St. Philip’s construction plans, should only take a few short months!
Lovely Green on Green Tile.....and this is a good angle!

Our first bet was he would finish by mid-summer,
Remember last summer.....not sure I want to either!

Which turned into,, by the 2011 7thJoy Trunk Show,
Over and zone hidden with fabric flower pins!

And finally,,, by the one year mark, Spring Break 2012
A light at the end of the tunnel all the way from Scotland!!!!

Missing the last by a mere 79 days... I have a new Master Bath!  As you might have guessed, he finished the day before Cameron’s Graduation Party.  Do we women always have to have a party to get our husbands on task?

Did I say 444 days later?  OK, sorry, I have promised him not to mention it again…but only because I am so excited with the handsome results.

Giving him some much needed understanding, he did struggle through 50 year old cement bed and wire mesh tile removal; which literally almost did in our helpful, but bull-of-the-woods brother-in-law!  Followed by removal of severely water damaged sub floor and replacement of rotting and insufficient floor joists…Then rerouting ancient plumbing (50+yrs, yes I know), rewiring, and insulating where there was none which would be everywhere!  Whew, but no surprise when you own a home this old!  A year into it, commuting all the while, he finally broke down and hired a little of the work done. 
 Thank the Lord!  Can you imagine 888 days?

Well anyway, I love it & him for never backing away from a 44#oops day challenge!  And just in time to put the house on the market.  Anyone know someone who wants to invest in an old historical home in Tomball?   It’s a real looker!  At least I think so!!!

The Old Charlton House, Tomball Texas 1940-2012
Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.  James 1:2-4
Joyfully showering without climbing the stairs!  b

Monday, June 4, 2012

Graduated Boy!

Have you ever been writing (imagine pen & paper) with your fingers so tight on the pen that your hand goes numb?  Well, that’s how I get sometimes in life….bearing down so hard on my list, that I lose all feeling!

Oh I’m still here, just battling with a bit more than numb fingers & not much to share!

But nothing like sitting on the passenger side of a car with an hour old graduated senior, headed back from ceremonial college station, full of excitement and anticipation for the unfamiliar road ahead, to wake up every last nerve ending, including the numb fingers of a 54 year old mother’s body! 

Let’s just say….I realized on our hour long, heart palpitating trip, that every time in the last several months when I have been bearing down, feeling uninspired and wondering where God was when I needed him...He’d been a l i t t l e busy!  Riding in that same passenger seat with my boy!!!

I know this because, & I hate to even speak it, that boy has a perfect driving record!


Now seriously, this boy of mine is close to perfect in every other way!  He is extremely smart (got that from St. Philip), unbelievably moral (Father God), dedicated, honest, humble and kind.  He has a positive attitude, a joyful soul and it shines through his smile and his musical talent (again Father God)!  I’ll only take credit for his blue eyes!

He has been a joy to raise…and only just recently realized that he has a voice! Although he sings too, I’m not talking about singing.  Much to my surprise, he began to talk back a little around April 15th, when he turned 18!  Considering myself way blessed!

His future plans, double majoring in Music (his passion) and Biology (his parents pleading) at Sam Houston State University!  He wants to be a band director...commendable, and so worthwhile!
I can see him being an awesome teacher and mentor to thousands of kids in his future. 
His plan B, orthopedic surgeon…selfishly, I keep reminding him that the arts may be short live in the public school system, so just in case!
~Please pray for his life to be fulfilling either way~
Congratulations Cameron Abbott Shaw!

A proud day for the Shaw family…just one more to go!  And not a gray hair or numb finger wasted!  Not so joyfully cleaning up after the party! 

But joy full, in God’s gracious care, b

Just imagine Joy Williams singing Hold on to Every Moment!
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