Sunday, March 20, 2011

Choice, Purpose, Life Encompassed

I have some choices to be made of late and lately I dread making choices!!

I’ve been offered a position in a great decorative shop in Tomball, I have some wonderful clients I’m working with right now and I have been asked to be a part of a wonderful holiday show that will take an enormous amount of time to prepare for …..Hhmmm????

Not to mention, the boys, the grandbugs, Gracie (the sweet pee dog) and the "ever needing attention" Charlton House!!! Oh, and the two upcoming weddings I’m working on; I just love weddings!!!

It’s true, I love being busy, work better under pressure, and all that good stuff, but as I get older, I have a harder time focusing and doing it all without “stressing” too much! And these days just making a decision is stressful, what’s with that?

Add to all this...I spent the weekend thinking about purpose, what is mine?
(A question we should all ask ourselves from time to time!)
Am I using my God given talents? Yes, I think so!
Does what I do help others? Yes, I think so!
But is it what God wants me to do, does it glorify Him?
That I’m not so sure of!

When I took these pictures of the old house on our family farm, a house that used to be a home to someone, a home that was painstakingly built, simply but thoughtfully decorated, cared for and lived in for decades…it reminded me of many things.

It reminded me of how time and things pass so quickly.

It reminded me of how without care, things deteriorate.

And it reminded me of how in an instance, or years, things are gone!

Leaving just memories to reflect on…

But it also reminded me that our homes are where those memories are born, the experiences, the laughter, the love, the warmth, all the joy along with the tears, the tragedy and the sadness; life encompassed.

So for now, I think I am doing what God wants me to do…helping make houses into homes that will encompass lives full of wonderful memories. And I pray that with each home I enter, I will warm it with God’s love, shade it with God’s grace, and leave it with God’s blessing, plus a few beautiful accessories to boot!

Did I make a decision about what I will focus on this year…no not yet, but it is just March after all! Joyfully considering my options, b

Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.
Proverbs 19:21

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

7thJoy Bloggett for March 8, 2011

                                                            What is green?
                                                  by Garrison Shaw
Green is the smell of pine
The color of prairies and peaceful pastures
It is good fortune in a time of distress
It is a tree bearing fruits
Green is the tall grass that waves in the wind
 which peaceful serenity will never end...
It is unexplored land beyond feeble man's grasp
It is the heavenly peace we long for
It is peace
It is promise
It is home

Azaela Trail 2011

Garrison, my full of surprises son,,,strolled in this morning offering to read a poem he wrote in English yesterday. With his permission, I share.   That Garrison...he just amazes me sometimes!!!!  A little ahead of St. Patrick's Day, have an awsomely peaceful and joyfully Green Day!  b