Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wheels, Ditches, Ruts!

Robin and I often joke about "getting our wheels off in a ditch” …a phrase she coined after spending a little too much time looking for inspiration on the web and something I do when trying to figure out my direction and the where’s & why’s of life in my way too analytical mind! I read this the other day and found it extremely fitting for whatever ditch or rut I seem to find myself in lately….

On an old dirt road a sign was posted that read: "For the next two miles, choose your rut." Think about that for a moment. Today you will make a choice about the rut in your life. The options are plentiful, however, remember some will lead to happiness and joy, while others will try to destroy all that is good in your life. But the choice is yours. What will you choose? Godspeed!

Each Monday morning, as I drink the coffee that St. Philip makes for me (he gets to work in Houston on Mondays and Fridays), I plan my weeks activity. I can choose to work/or NOT, a blessing of unbelievable abundance! And as I think back on the many years as a single mom, when I longed for a day to just stay home and catch up on housework and a favorite soap opera (yes I do occasionally) or do nothing at all; I know that life doesn’t get much better than this…. As much as I love my path at this juncture with limitless choices and plentiful options, I can still manage to get in my own self-induced RUT!
 Inevitably this keeps me from moving in the direction I am meant to travel!

So this is my new plan for avoiding nonjoyous ditches and ruts….i’ve added the little tidbits to the right!

Live with intention.                                  ... God's purpose is evident!

walk to the edge.                                              ... just avoid the RUT!

listen hard.                                                       ... closed lips required!

practice wellness.                                                  ... RUT prevention!

play with abandon.                                               ... abandon routine!

laugh.                                                              ... it's the JOY vitamin!

choose with no regret.                                  ... pray before choosing!

continue to learn.                                        ... open mind, open heart!

appreciate your friends.                                ... they keep you honest!

do what you love.                  ... and love those who make it possible!
                                          (St. Philip)

live as if this is all there is.          ... but look forward to going Home!
                                            it’s why we’re here!!

-mary anne radmacher                                                                     -b

So today, choose your RUT! May it be God driven and full of JOY! B
p.s. follow my upcoming blog posts, CHOICE being the topic!  Who knows, I may learn something??

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