Monday, February 28, 2011

Paint Choice.. Can B Easy

Sometimes painting can be a hard step to take, but it is so well worth the cost and time in transforming your space. My philosophy….IT’S JUST PAINT! And if you do it yourself, it's JUST time! The results can transform dull to cheerful, cold to warm, stark to opulent, house to home!

B’s Close-to-full-proof Plan:
Step 1: 
Find an inspiration piece; artwork, fabric, rug…
any current or new piece to be used in your room.
Or simply find a magazine setting that you love and want to work toward.
Not my favorite style or colors, but works for tutorial.....
Step 2:
Visit your favorite paint store/supplier!
Take all the samples you want in the color you have in mind.
Many offer color visualizers on-line…
Fun to play with, sometimes helpful, however, PC monitor colors are NEVER true!!
Sherwin Williams, easy access & used by most contractors in my area,  but my favs are Behr & Ben Moore!!
Step 3: 
Pick your favorites…2-4 that work the best with your inspiration piece. 
SPEND the money on samples (Avg. Cost $5 each)…
Purchase an 8x10 Water Color Pad (available in most craft stores)…
Paint solid coat of each color on water color paper, clearly labeled w/color name.
Watch those pink without rose colored glasses....I usually steer clear!  I'm a warm girl myself!

And yes, I get a little carried away...too many beautiful choices!!
Step 4: 
Tack up DRY samples on your walls in different areas of the room,
taking advantage of the room’s lighting.
View the colors & how they change with natural lighting during all times of day.
Take your time, determine which feels best before making your final choice!

See how the light changes the look!
Step 5:  Pray, then Paint!

Things to keep in mind but not be stifled by!

BEWARE: Paint FINISH (flat, satin, eggshell, matte) will affect the color slightly and each paint manufacturer offers several finishes and label them differently!!!

Better to spend $50+ on paint samples…than purchasing a room full of paint based on that beautiful “Apple Green” color card; only to find out on your walls, it reads more like “Infant Diaper Green”.

Dark colors require AT LEAST two coats, sometimes a primer!

Bold colors CAN work in a small room!

Don’t forget ceilings…painting them can finish off a room
 “like nobody's-business”!

Lighter shades are “IN”...for now!

And last but not least “IT’S JUST PAINT!
GO FOR IT Joyfully, b

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