Friday, August 13, 2010

I’m feeling blue…not sad, just blue!

My little white wagon of progress following days of indecision finally rolled a color on the walls….getting closer and closer to that new work space, by way of my living room!

See, I told you ADHD Design by B!!

The change begins upon entry, I needed a new view and the view is now BLUE… with a bright but subtle color called “Conservative Gray”. It’s definitely not conservative and it is truly not gray! But I think I love it!

A little like the sky changing ever so slightly with the light and“un pu de francais” or a wee bit French as imagined by a Texas girl who’s never been to Provence; it’s quite different, which is exactly how I want things!

The problem? It only took me 8 samples and at least a week of staring at a patchwork of them all on my wall to decide which one was best. And even after that, wall by wall, I painted and placed things back; convincing myself with each 90 degree turn that it was the color I had envisioned. Where did that come from?? I’ve been doing this for clients for the past 12 years and all of the sudden, I have learned the art of second guessing myself!

Finishing it without any assistance from St. Philip (painting is the only thing he is obstinate about), I breathed a sigh of relief, as did my fingernails! Blue tape removed, I’m one room closer to changing the landscape in this 75 year old relic of a home! Wondering all the while, how many coats of paint have graced these plaster walls and if, in fact, the Ghost of Magdaline might be as pleased with the new shade as I am.

Who knew blue could be a color of JOY! b

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