Friday, June 25, 2010

If I was a Painter

Started my Painting 101 class a few weeks ago and I have been hesitant to share my progress, but here are my first two attempts at becoming something more than “a paint by numbers” artist….
My boys might say EPIC FAIL!
And although I’m very critical of myself in most aspects of my life, I think I am O.K with my initial renderings. Believe me, it doesn’t compare to all the beautiful works of the sweet 2nd and 3rd time “blue haired” ladies in my Leisure Learning Art Class.
And our instructor, an accomplished artist himself, walks past my easel without much more than a grin, but still, I am pleased!

I’m only copying right now, stealing art from the masters if the truth be told, but we’ll just call it interpretive art. I’m not sure I will ever be talented enough to come up with an original. Not enough canvas or years left! So for now I am merely relishing the time each Wednesday of sitting in a mostly quiet classroom and concentrating on nothing but my creative spirit! A worthwhile 3 hour a week summer vacation, I’d say.

Hope your summer vacations are full of JOYful colors!!b

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doubly Blessed!!

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

This past week, I spent in paradise or close to it,
Grayton Beach, Florida, no oil in sight!
And no Dashboard Lights, just…
Great new friends, Great new music
(I had never heard this one; believe it or not!),
Great food and a Great many Cocktails on the beach!
It was a last minute trip, much needed, and full of surprises. Thanks to one of their own, my dear Robin, I shared this week with a group of Truman girls, true ladies, well that’s debatable (me included)…
But true Gems for sure!
I can say honestly that my life will be better just for the 6 days I spent with them, feeling their unconditional acceptance of each other and of me; hearing of their journeys, not all easy, but beautiful; and experiencing their binding love, no matter their differences. It was just a Blessing!
We laughed, we sang, we watched fishing boats and waves come in, we colored, we cooked and we rested. And did I say we laughed?
What a refreshing time I spent with these new friends, a vacation to remember and hopefully to be repeated. Thanks to Robin and her Truman Girls, I am doubly blessed!
Joyfully bronze with a few age spots, B