Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two Miles,Two Boys, Two Prayers

With gracious uncertainty, we can be confident in our expectations, knowing our hope in the Lord will not disappoint (Romans 5:5).

Today I’m right where I’m supposed to be…
This morning when I drove my younger “BOYS” (the ones that God knew I needed, if you remember my last elated blog) to school…THEIR prayers reminded me of that!
You see, ever since they started school, as I drove them, I would say a prayer for the day, first thanking God for his blessings, then asking God to keep them safe, guide them and bring them home safely to me. This is something I borrowed from another mother in a Bible study I joined years ago. I had never been comfortable praying out loud, but I thought if they heard me doing this every day when they were young, they would be comfortable doing it on their own some day. Several years ago, their Dad started doing the morning drive to drop them off at school on his way to the office. When I passed him the A.M. carpool torch, quietly I said,”You know we pray every morning”. I wasn’t quite sure if he had even heard me and definitely not sure if he would follow up. I was just glad to be able to stay in my pjs a little longer each day and uncharacteristically refrained from making carpool prayer demands!!!!
I guess it has been 4 years now, he’s been doing the short a.m. drive with our boys, now teenagers, but now that he is in Austin, I’ve put on my chauffeur’s hat again. So you can imagine the first morning I backed out of the driveway, when Garrison turned down the radio and begin the morning prayer, followed by Cameron, covering everything Garrison hadn’t…Well, let’s just say, my heart was bursting.
Each day I look forward to that morning drive even though sometimes it’s obvious they stayed up later than they should have, the words might run together a bit, and indeed on occasion their prayers sound a little rote… But, I am truly blessed, because the boys God gave me know they are His!
Did I mention, they are great Uncles too!
Yes, I am right where I am supposed to be. I only wish I had known how to pray when I was their age…for I know I would have known JOY sooner! B

Disclaimer: I have declared January Brag Month as Mom/Gramb, then I’m going to try to return to things that inspire 7thJoy, although I think they are one and the same!


  1. Oh my goodness .. how sweet is this? It's so interesting to me that I've known you practically all my life .. and you still continue to surprise and amaze me. I absolutely LOVE this morning's edition of 7th Joy. Mwah .. and smooshy hugs!

  2. Oh B, How you is this. I love that we can glean such beautiful life lessons from each other. What a precious story, thank you sweet friend for sharing. I can't wait to pass on the tip (tradition. love you, b