Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quinn, God Gifts a Girl!

And God said “Let there be boys!”

Step back in time some 29 years ago, when I was expecting my first child… An unexpected blessing, I thought, OK, I can do this! But God, please give me a little girl!!! Because you know I can’t do a boy on my own!! Besides, I could just imagine, baby dolls, dance classes, and of course sewing & shopping for all that pink!
Yet God knew better, said, “Yes you can", and gave me the most perfect son, who grew into a wonderful little boy, a strong young man and now an exceptional Dad himself. I must say I did fairly well with blue jeans & t-shirts, baseballs and fishing poles. He’s forgiven me for the Girbauds!!
Years later, when St. Philip came along, I knew even though I was pushing it in the age department, I wanted more children…and he said, “Yes, we can”. Again, I prayed for a little girl, I just knew I would be the perfect Mom for a Girl. But again, God knew better and gave me a son and 22 months later…another SON! And I couldn't be more blessed. Both were extraordinarily special little boys who are still growing into exceptional young men!
Now I have resigned myself to the color blue, in fact it has always been my favorite color anyway. God knows what he is doing!!! I’ve gotten quite good at the blue jeans & t-shirt thing; I don’t even press them anymore, let alone iron socks...Yes I used to, but I won’t go there!
So you can imagine the anticipation when my first grandchild was coming, yet again the ultrasound proclaimed…BLUE! This time, it didn’t matter at all, I was just elated & looking forward to being a grandmother. Anyway, I have the boy thing down, and boy is he a BOY!! He is a wonderful, energetic, headstrong, precious mess and I adore him.
Fast forward to a couple of days ago, January 14th at 1:20 in the afternoon, when I was blessed enough to experienced the birth of my second grandchild. This time with no ultrasound gender proclamation, waiting to know boy or girl was almost too much!
But Quinn Tyler Abbott was born to a birthing room full of cheers and even more tears. Finally, God gifted us A GIRL! A precious pink skinned, beautiful black haired, perfect little girl! I’m IN BIG JOYFUL TROUBLE……
You see, I never thought I’d have tiny leopard print flats in my life, but as a friend said recently “God is Good!” YES HE IS!!!! Gramb


  1. Well, those shoes are adorable but I was hoping for a picture of QUINN!!! ;)

    I'm so happy for you GramB. Enjoy your pink, frilly, ruffled overdose of joy.

    Love you O & G!

  2. ohhh, i love this one!! (i've enjoyed going back and getting to 'know' you... but as i only had a girl, this obviously is what caught my heart. Aren't little girls fabulous? I know little sweet boys are too lol, but I'm a girl momma and always knew from the time i was a little girl that I would have one child, one daughter. And I did, thank you Lord!