Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year, Many New Gifts to Come....!!!!!

You can truly look at everything in life as a gift, whether it is immediately evident as such or becomes one when you have a chance to look back on it!
The gifts I'm looking forward to in 2010...
1 Precious Grandbaby, boy or girl ??? Either will be a blessing, but my landscape could use a hint of pink or even purple, though it’s not my favorite!
1 More Boy Driving… A mixed blessing, no more chauffeur hat, but another son growing up, and of course a “slight” insurance increase!
1 Possible Move to Austin… Still undecided, but looking forward to the possibility of new surroundings, 10 years is way too long in one spot!
1 New Hair Color…I love the fact that my grey is going to be stunning like my mother’s, but think I’ve decided to wait a while to become stunning!
1 New Church...Searching, my job is finished, I’ve done all I can, the boys are grounded in Christ & I’m ready to be filled in a new way!
1 New Endeavor…Who knows what is in store for 7thJOY, always looking for new creative and joyful ways to explore our passion, fibers!
New friends ??? Maybe...I’m quite blessed with the ones who surround me at present; God Is Great that way, but I welcome new friends because it’s always good to see the world through new eyes!
Actually, at my age I welcome anything new…experiences, awakenings, passions, relationships, lessons, possibilities!
Looking over my shoulder, 2009 has been a trying year for us, to say the least, but the blessings that have come from it are now becoming evident and I am so looking forward to 2010!
May it be a New Year full of Immediately Evident Gifts and JOY for us all! b

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