Monday, December 7, 2009

Pop 12/08/09

December is truly my favorite month of the year for so many reasons….
NOT ONLY because IS IT CHRISTMAS TIME…WE’VE PRETTY MUCH ALREADY ESTABLISHED I’M A FAN. But because it also happens to be full of other special dates! There is December 6th which is my anniversary with Saint Philip. Next is December 8th, the birthday of not one, but two extraordinary Aggies I know! My niece Jamie celebrates her birthday on December 10th and then of course, December 24th, my beautiful Mom’s Birthday, guess that’s why they named her Elizabeth “Carol”. …Add these to Christmas Band Concerts, the Christmas Museum Tour, Christmas with friends, then Christmas Eve Celebrations and Christmas Day ….and you’ve got a month of just plain JOY~
But before I get too carried away in my thoughts of this joyful month, I’m thinking today of one very special Aggie! That would be my Dad, well…my step-Dad, but that is truly an unimportant point. He is the man that married my Mom almost 30 years ago, who took a family of grown kids under his wing and never looked back. He has nurtured, instilled values, shared knowledge, supported decisions, given advice only when asked and cared for each of us individually like only a true father could. But most importantly, he has loved our mother, unconditionally…he spoils, conforms, lets her shop unnecessarily and dances without complaining too much! He loves God, his grandkids and a good beer occasionally. And at the distinguished age of 82, he still works when his expertise is called for and enjoys every minute of it! He is a man of honor and integrity and I am so blessed to call him my DAD!
I only hope and pray that in these years since he gathered us up, I have made him proud to be the Father I never had until him!
With my love and joy, I honor him today,
Noonan Albert, My Mom’s, Prince! Corny but True…Happy Birthday Pop!

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  1. So sweet Belinda. I know you made Pop blink back more than a few tears. You're a special, special girl and I'm awfully glad you're my friend. Love you!