Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year's Party Anyone??!!

This Frosted Rose Statement piece is just looking for a place to be worn!
In case you wanted to know what my next favorite gift was….
this beautiful necklace is in the running with one other…A romantic vacation to Santa Fe in February. Yes it was a very good Christmas!
But this necklace takes center stage today…I don’t know the artist, but the necklace is from an Etsy Shop called LaViejaTunTun, out of California. You should surely check out this shop! She has some beautiful creations, but then again my taste is not typical! Just tell her 7thJOY sent you!
Anyway, my sweet Saint Philip happened to find an anonymous Christmas Wish email with this listing on it, imagine that! And of course, after I subtly mentioned that it was one of kind and would be snatched up soon, unbeknownst to me, he began snatching!! No, I wasn’t too disappointed when it wasn’t under the tree, snif,snif! I don't always get what I want. I figured he had just forgotten or that someone else had gotten to it first.
But then, when my older son and his family came for Christmas breakfast, he reminded the saint, who is also an absent minded professor type and/or an aggie engineer {ENOUGH SAID}, he had forgotten to give me one of my gifts. You see, the necklace had been secretly shipped to them so I wouldn’t know. Long story even longer, it was an unexpected surprise, thanks to his forgetfulness!
But I digress! Now I’m just waiting for New Year's Eve so I can put my party necklace on and usher in the new year with my Frosted Rose Statement Bling, not that I need a necklace or bling to make a statement!….OH, I’ve gotten quite outspoken since I hit this half century mark, along with some of my best friends; I’m in such good company! Especially you Darlene!
Thank you St. Philip for constantly surprising both of us! b

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  1. Congrats on your pretty necklace. It's far too dressy for DRH but you would probably impress the girls (hens) tremendously should you wear it to the FEMA coop. And about those outspoken friends of yours .. I KNOW you AIN'T talkin' about me! ;)
    LYO&G ...