Sunday, December 27, 2009

And so it WAS Christmas!

It goes by so fast, all the making of lists, shopping, preparing, checking the list twice, more planning, more shopping, more preparing and then…it’s over!
…No more Santa at my house, but it doesn’t change the excitement of it all.
My boys, in the goofy chartreuse hats, almost grown, still enjoy the excitement and anticipation of it all and the bonus is…after we have Christmas morning, just the four of us, my older son, sweet daughter-in-law and precious Jackson join us for more anticipation and excitement plus GramB’s MonkeyBread and Egg Casserole breakfast !!! I love every minute of it; it just goes by too quickly.

My favorite present this year, a song played by Cameron and sung by Garrison…”Come and Worship” by Bebo Norman (featured). I must admit, it almost sounds as good, especially to a Mom’s ears! Nothing makes me happier! It’s all I asked for, though I seriously doubted it was going to happen. Considering the bickering about who wasn’t learning their part, the directives between them about who was doing it wrong…I figured my request was just too much, so I suggested a gift card to my favorite fabric store as an alternative…..
And just when I least expected it, three nights before Christmas morning, a beautiful sound coming from the music room, two brothers in unison and perfect timing, playing and singing a beautiful Christmas Gift for Mom! You guessed it, tears and Joy overflowed, I am blessed!
Although it comes and goes more quickly each year, the gifts that mean the most will last forever! Thank you God for boys, yours and mine! b

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  1. Love the hats ... LOVE the identifying WRAP paper .. and LOVE the toes! But mostly I love that your boys granted your Christmas wish. Thanks for makin' me misty this morning .. :) Good thing I don't have MASCARA on! HA! LYO&G.