Monday, March 7, 2016

Grabbing some grace and moving on!

Trying to find my creative mind after a few months of the unexpected, emotional stuff called ready for spring and all the bright new beauty that comes with it!
If you're with me, let’s grab some grace and find it together!
Documenting and hoping to inspire, sharing just a few slow steps into a creative new season….

New adventure...spent a bit of time teaching myself the art of the slipcover through trial and error with only a bit of ripping out and redoing; thank goodness!  Started a tutorial to share, but about halfway into it, I figured I’d leave it to the slipcover experts.   And there are plenty out there, along with many books on the subject, one of which I've owned forever but didn't crack open. Probably should have! 
Just take my advice, if you’re interested;  jump on in, start small, use some inexpensive fabric, you can do it!


Wild Adventure, off to the farm with St. Philip, Mom, the dogs
 and sweet chatty Quinn! 
We are working on steps to the second floor bedroom/loft.  Hoping to take advantage of every inch of the place, I had an idea to build cabinet stairs; drew a sketch with dimensions and my carpenter saint went to work.   Looking on the web, I’m not the first with the idea (#TinyHouseCraze&All).  And after a trip to the Gonzales emergency room, St. Philip (my Eagle Scout) stitched up and OK, our "risers" are coming along. 
First rule…no dirty farm shoes on the stairs,
No thank you to grit in my dishes!

Can you say "Cozy"?

And onto Easter time..."Hopping" to host a GraceReclaimed Easter Show, planting ryegrass containers for egg hiding…just in case.

Using my new potting table and thanking St. Philip!

And yes, the mug is for me, not for the plants...
a bit of gardening and a bit of refreshment!
So as spring arrives, remember...
 you don't really have to grab grace!
It is given freely, especially if your hands are strained from trying to stitch things up, full of trying to hold on to loved ones or just a bit dirty from everyday life! 
Stepping tenderly into the season of grace, b 

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