Tuesday, October 27, 2015

GraceReclaimed Trunk Show or bust!

It is that time of year, yes just around the weekend corner…
Saturday I’ll be listening to these two crazy guys perform their senior concert!

And later sharing what’s left of my Trick or Treat Candy with the grand~babes.
 Then there is no turning back!
Calendar full and
latest creations half-begun/finished/still in my head…
I’m anxious to get going. 
First things first, got my Christmas CDs out to polish them up, then decided in the interest of time
Pandora will be my go to for seasonal listening pleasure.  
Yes in November...I may wait until Monday!

You might recall some Stitching that went on earlier this year, 

A few of these Texas beauties are complete for the show…ShabbyGirlFlags anyone?

Christmas Trunk Show evites to come, keep an eye out my friends.  If you would like to receive one with all the details, just email me or comment below!
Reclaiming my sewing closet and graciously saying “booked” or trying to! B

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