Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Weekend Snag...Farm Find

This is the tail portion of the old windmill from St. Philip’s family farm near Moulton, Texas.   No longer used for its real purpose, I plan to display it in the farmhouse once it has WALLS…As you can see, it has served the farm well over the years including stand in target for little boys with plenty of energy and 22 ammo! 

What do you think, PAINT OR NOT? 
I’m torn!
Pulled it out of the brush on our trip last weekend, when
St. Philip and I decided we needed to get away for some much needed respite.  
A bit hard when there is always something there that needs his attention, like a half finished farmhouse!!!
And after years of talking about it, walking around it, deliberating where to begin…we decided to start taking down the dilapidated house that has stubbornly stood on the property for the last 75 years.  We started on the "hardly recognizable as" back porch.

Two burn piles and few ultras later... 
Our hopes are to reclaim some of the beautifully aged interior wood for use in the new place. 


So yes we spent the weekend relaxing
enjoying the last of spring’s cool breezes, pulling down the old back porch, looking for snakes and spiders, removing rusty ten penny nails, dodging bumble bees and cow patties and stacking perfectly patina-ed wood for safekeeping.
Saving these treasures for what, I'm not yet sure... 

And I've got my eyes on that beautiful blue wood just beyond the screen door.  Room by room, just a few weekends of toil away!

Needless to say, it was one of those weekends that end in the kind of cleansing exhaustion that makes you realize simple things are the most fulfilling!
I'm coming to appreciated more and more the graceful old charm that abounds at Shaw's Farm.
Praying you have a place that brings such grace and peace!

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  1. I'm eyeballing that old blue screen door...Jana P.