Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Snag...and a sprinkle of thought!

I’ve decided that this blog serves many purposes for me….

A place to share
the joy and grace of God….
   people or things I love and cherish…
cool or beautiful design stuff (at least in my eyes)…
  my latest shenanigans (just in case you want to play)…
and last, not least, thoughts about life & how I don’t always handle it so well!

All simply to give ya’ll a reason to hope, shop, think or just laugh…even if it’s at me! 

In the last several months, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about whether to continue this blog thing or if I should just step away from the laptop.   After much thought, I’m still here!  Because I found that this blog is more than just my ramblings, it is a mirror into my heart. 
 It also helps me to hope, think and laugh… yes at myself! 
 I need no help with the shopping thing!

Speaking of shopping, here is my WEEKEND SNAG~

Wicker nightstand for Quinn's new room $28...on approval!
A little blue & white $18...can never have too much!
And the find of the day, English Ironstone Platters
...less than $5.00 for all three!
Value~~Up to $100!

Estate Sales with St. Philip, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon…Am I not blessed that he would rather ride along with me on my crazy hunt than watch Sunday football? 

Maybe~~~!!  But I just love it when those Aggies play…wink, wink!

 In case you’ve never been to an Estate Sale and don’t know what you are missing, here is a link or two!
May your week's platter be brimming with grace, b

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