Saturday, December 14, 2013

Magically Musical Waltzing Trees....

It all started with the GraceReclaimed Sale,
Having the tree up was a must!!
 Although a little naked, it was a good thing, because we were overflowing and checkout ended up in the living room!  MY sweet clients were very patient; some even strolled through the dining room and study just to get a peek…
OK by me, they were waiting to buy stuff and I needed some “stuff” gone!  
Good thing I had at least thrown up a little Christmas,
Just not my usual, sigh!
After the Sale, this girl was crying for some attention and my sweet little ones did a wonderful job last weekendWhat I didn’t have the heart to tell them was she really needed more lights!  Sooo, after they left I undressed her to add some strands...
Three tries and a fit or two later (not made in USA), she was glowing!  Then I carefully redressed her with each ornament “exactly” where Jackson & Quinn put it originally (just a tiny white magical fib).

With a few added ribbons,

Until St. Philip suggested it was time to get our “REAL” tree.  Christmas just isn’t Christmas without our live frazier fir.  Well, as the helper said at Lowe’s, you’re kind of late!  All the 8’ were gone, but we found the perfect 10’…..a little trim later and it was dubbed, the BEST TREE EVER by St. Philip! 
Not to mention, waltzing the flocked girl to the dining room, her new home! 
 Thus the magical musical waltzing trees….but our home is always filled with music and shuffling of some kind!
The frazier fur got a quick outfit of amber lights with white glistening mesh and a homemade garland of old hymnal Psalms (b~love). 
Cameron and Kelley came home last night for a quick visit before she heads home for the holidays.  They did the honors of hanging his keepsake soldiers, now I just have to slow Garrison down enough to add his snowman army!!  And who knows, if I’m lucky my little elves may be back for a stay and finish it off with a few of their dad’s train collection.
So I tend to agree with St. Philip, it probably is THE BEST TREE EVER!

Oh yeah, Speaking of music, the perfect fun for grandbugs....Mr. Christmas~!
(I got him for a steal last year after Christmas at Home Depot, just 9.99)
 He conducts the music and puts on a light show at the request of kids, young & old!
Gracefully glad the tree is trees are finally dressed!  B

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


A little Lad and Lass showed up this weekend…
to stay with me! 

 After our usual breakfast at Spuddy’s Donut Diner, I had some much needed help decking my halls, well...

my tree, anyway!!! 

A little fun and silliness,
a little ornament hoarding
just a little BeBe fa la la!

And she’s done! 
Then we were off to an Incredible Pizza Birthday Party for more merry making….

 Whew!!!!! I can’t think of a better way to spend a cold and rainy Saturday, than with the population of Conroe at a sticky floored, buffet aroma(ed), ticket giving game venue.  Just waiting in the line to get our spider ring and hand clappers was a blast!  All sarcasm aside, we enjoyed watching them have fun!!  Nothing better….
Add to that some gay apparel posing, blazing yules, a little robot coloring, hello kitty purse making, and you’ve got the Yuletide Treasure of a Jolly Grand weekend!  
Oh yeah, we saw Frozen....adorable with a big ole A!
 What did I do before them?


Now, on to the rest of the fa la la ing!
 This week’s list:
    1. Finish Decorating and uh, clean…….
    2. GraceReclaimed SideDoor Sale Friday Night
    (if  it’s not raining)
    3. Shop….oh good gracious, I’ve only just begun!
    4. Bake (It’s always on my list, just never happens!) 1. Pray and Enjoy every minute of it!
Remember, Live in the moment;
each and every one enjoy, cherish and be thankful for!
(Sticky floors and all) 
So many others are not making lists or even thinking of baking, shopping or planning time with loved ones…They are just trying to get through a day, an illness, or even something more tragic! 
So please keep them in your prayers, lift them up and be thankful, giving and gracious! 
Especially a little boy named Bryce, please pray for a miracle, God knows the one..... 
1Timothy 2:1 ESV
First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people,  
Graciously thankful for healthy grandchildren
and prayerfull, B

Friday, December 6, 2013

A 21 year old Christmas Miracle....

Today on our anniversary I am celebrating what I truly believe to be a miracle.  I know with all my heart, God handpicked my husband and placed him in my life.  
And if you knew my life before St. Philip, you would know that it was a true miracle.   There is no other explanation! 
I won’t go into the entire story of how we came to be, saving that for my book! 
 But here’s the short abridged version.
  A hardworking single mom to a 9 year old boy, quits a frustrating job with no notice, no backup plan, miraculously gets a referral for a job, replacing a sweet lady taking maternity leave who happens to become a friend/deco client (my “endsmeet” job back then), who also happens to know a sweet “aggie” bachelor guy who is building his own 1 bedroom farmhouse on 7 acres and might need a little design direction, leading to a blind date, followed by a little persistence on his part, me being a bit guarded ….Fast forward one year later, a few walls strategically moved and an upstairs opened up to include a room for a young boy in need of a Dad….
and there you have it! 
I married the Saint on what became “our farmhouse porch" on a cold but glorious winter day in December.

He was really just too young to know better!
21 years….unbelievable! A Saint, he is, in my eyes anyway, because no one else, and I repeat NO ONE else could put up with me!  He is truly the most giving, caring and selfless person I have ever known.  I am just blown over when I simply think of how much God must have loved me, to place Philip in my life.  I’m still trying to figure out what God was thinking for Philip….Lordy, he’s been tested and proven many times over.  But then he would tell you, he is exactly where God meant him to be and loves me all the same….You see, a miracle!
Happy Anniversary St. Philip…..P.S. I love you!

 And now to dress this girl and the rest of the house, finally feeling better and just in time for a fun weekend with the little ones, they’ll be here just in time to help!
May you have a graciously warm and merry miracle day like me, b

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Deco Cheer and thank you one and all!

GraceReclaimed Tag Sale behind me…
I’m a little under the weather, but feeling so very blessed! 
I cannot thank you ladies enough for stopping by and spending some time with me,
my Mom and my lifesaver friend, Carolyn. 
It was great to see each of you!  Heaven only knows what I’d do without you
beautiful & loyal friends and clients,
most especially at Christmas Time!!  

I so appreciate your graciousness in helping me make a little room around here….    
Now I can start pulling out the Shaw House Christmas “stuff” , albeit a little later than usual this year. 
But first a couple of stops to spread Christmas Deco Cheer
at some favorite clients’ homes
and of course Mom’s place (I owe her for sure!).
Thanksgiving with some of Mom's girls....
A few pictures from the tag sale! 

 If you couldn’t make the sale and plan on enjoying the
I'll be opening the shop for just a bit on Friday evening if  you want to stop for a visit!
And if I don't see you...
May you all have a calm, peaceful and loving season,
with the focus being God's precious Gift to us all!
Feeling better just remembering you!
Filled with Grace and Mucinex , B