Thursday, November 28, 2013

3rd Time's A Charm GraceReclaimed Tag Sale!!!

Ok, everyone, you’ve spoken, I’ve listened!
 Sorry Peggy, but call me when you're home, we'll work something out!
No Black Friday, but how about a Sunny Saturday…can I get an AMEN?
I’m opening up my little GraceReclaimed SideDoor Shop
Saturday Nov 30th from 10-1. 
Excited that many of you have been patient with me and still want to shop!
 Remember, Cash and Carry....
So avoid the crowds
Stop by for some sunshine, shopping and sweet treats!

Please R.S.V.P by Email or by Commenting on this Blog Post!! 
Hope to see you all!
Most appreciatively, b
Gift winners are…
Mrs. Peggy Collins(stop by when you can!)
  Mrs. Shelly Meyer, (hoping you can find a Taxi!)

Graciously Blessed and Greatful...

I am blessed today to be spending Thanksgiving at my Mom and Dad’s home with many of our extended family.
Yes it’s a little crowded, a little wild and a little loud,
but in that quiet moment just before our meal begins,
 the day’s true meaning sets in. 
As my Dad speaks to God for us all,
thanking Him for all He has given
and asking His blessings on each of us;
I am reminded what I am truly thankful for.  
It is a family of wonderfully different people,
 living in different places, walking different paths,
 loving each other in different ways,
but loving none the less! 
A gift that I have learned never to take for granted!

 On Thanksgiving Day and Always,
May the Lord bless you and keep you;
May the Lord be kind and gracious to you; May the Lord look on you with favor and give you peace.  Numbers 6:24~26
Most sincerely and In His gracious care, Belinda
P.S.  Happy Birthday to my sweet St. Philip!!
P.P.S.   GraceReclaimed Sale….Saturday, Nov 30th, 10-1
              Invite and gift winners announcement to follow…

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

DARE I Cry Sale One More Time!!!

Thinking, thinking, thinking…
Open, Open, Open…
Maybe, Maybe, Maybe….

I’m cleaning up after my GR Pity Party, well not really...
 I’ve had a lot of distractions; when it rains, it pours! 
Client work to get done before Thanksgiving,
Leaking roof (a new spot),
Teenager with a car not running,
and still, all this stuff to find a place for!!
Since my GraceReclaimed SideDoor Shop is overflowing
 and the weatherman says sun is coming; 
the end of the week is supposed to be beautiful.  
I've been thinking about yelling Sale one more time!!

Any shoppers out there? 
Let me know which day you’d prefer! 
Comment on the blog, so I’ll know what day works! 
And because I'm counting my blessings, so thankful for all of you loyal clients and followers, I’m giving gifts away to:
One NEW GraceReclaimed blog follower!
One commenter on the GraceReclaimed blog!
And one commenter on the GraceReclaimed Post on facebook!
Then I’ll cry SALE one more time and look forward to seeing you all!
Who knows, I might even talk my friends and cohorts into dragging their stuff over as well!
Just call me gracefully crazy, b

Sunday, November 24, 2013

12 Days of GraceReclaimed ~13th, Don't even say it!

On the 13th day of GraceReclaimed,
St. Philip Darlene said to me
(good thing DRH is not in slapping reach, just kidding!)
The sun is shining!
As I place my hands are over my ears and begin to hummmm!
While I try to find a place for all this STUFF!!
And as I seriously begin to consider a
Black Friday Sale on Epps!!!
Not Funny!  Not Funny at All!
Yes the sun is shining, God is funny like that!
And as sad as I was to have to cancel the Tag Sale, my spirits were so lifted by all the sweet friends who shared in my disappointment, and who promised to show if we reschedule!
And now I'm so used to this almost daily blogging, you can't get rid of me!
Back to shuffling Stuff!
Ya'll have a blessing filled Thanksgiving and stay tuned!
In God's most gracious and funny care, B

Saturday, November 23, 2013

12 Days of GraceReclaimed~12th day, CANCELLATION DAY, no tag sale! I’m so sad!

 On the 12th day of Grace Recalimed…St. Philip said to me,  You can always reschedule!!!
I know, but that will be the third time.  First it was scheduled for the 16th, then the 23rd /24th pick a day any day....
Third time’s the charm and all , but I’m starting to feel like the girl who cried Sale!  I’ll have to really think about it…..
With that said, we bundled up and went with our two 2  boys~their girls and our sweet grandchildren to watch our baby boy march in his last Tomball Holiday Parade!

 Tyler's ears were cold!!!
Cameron made us breakfast before we headed down...secret recipe eggs and biscuits, yum!
Precious three, before hot chocolate...Sawyer wasn't quite sure what to think!
 Roarin' Blue Band
Garrison....a little out of dress code with his 10a.m. shadow!
We're going to miss this part!
So all of you GraceReclaimed followers and tag sale shoppers, KEEP YOUR EARS OPEN,
cause this girl might just cry SALE
 one more time !!!!
Black Friday on Epps anyone???
The weather forecast is great...not so sure I'm believing it!
Cancelled but not giving up gracefully, b

Friday, November 22, 2013

12 Days of GraceReclaimed~10th&11th, Yes it is RAINING, BUT!!

On the 10th   and 11th day of GraceReclaimed, It is raining and St. Philip is being very quiet!
You see, he knows me well.  And the dreary weather forecast, the house full of stuff, the commitment to friends participating and to you my friends and guests for a great Tag Sale is getting a little stressfull………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so hoping for a beautiful November day (what was I thinking, AlFresco?) but it’s not happening; what IS happening… the Tag Sale is moving to Sunday! 
The sun is supposed to peek out and yes it will be chilly, but I say it will be ideal holiday shopping weather! Don’t you just hate it, when you have to wear shorts and flip flops to Christmas shop!  So put on your boots and that beautiful winter coat you almost never get to wear in Texas, cause God is turning the air down!!! Yay!




   And speaking of Christmas shopping, have you made your wish list???
Peek of the day!   


If the rain stops for a bit, we'll be out with grace and bells on!
But stay tuned....hoping not to have to change the date again;
I've got to clear my house for upcoming celebrations and Christmas decorating,
so I'm determined to have this GraceReclaimed Sale!!!
My Christmas Wish list starts with a beautiful day to share with friends!
And my prayer is that you all will bear with me...
A little damp but trying to be gracefully thankful for rain, 

P.S.  In the midst of all this stress, I wanted to share something I am so thankful for...
last night, spent with great friends, Shelly & Duane,
enjoying a
Songtelling Night at Main Street Crossing in Tomball 
Featuring Kevin Welch, beautiful singer songwriter...
just too good for words!


If you are looking for something different and fun to do, this is it.  Happens every third Thursday of the month with a different talented artist each time. 
Come join us! I highly recommend it!!

Sorry for the long extended post, but this is great reading weather isn't it!!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

12 Days of GraceReclaimed~9th with a possibility of ______!

On the 9th day of Grace Recalimed, St. Philip said to me,
Have you considered a rain contingency plan???
SHHHHHHH! I said, don’t even speak those words!
You see… I prayed for a day just like this glorious day!
  Oh, believe me, I started watching the extended forecast in late October. 
And due to forecasted thunderstorms on the 16th,
I brightly moved the date to the 23rd! 
Maybe I forgot to change the requested beautiful weather date with God,
I've been known to do that kind of stuff!
Well the best laid plans, huh?  I am watching Frank and Anthony at 4, 6 and 10, believing the sun will show up on their little 7 day forecast thingy~ So far, it’s not happening! 
So this is my contingency plan;
Prepare, Sew, Create, Pray, Repeat…
And just in case, I say quietly, my rain boots are ever ready!
Enough with the contingency thoughts....
Here is your peek for the day! 
 Fresh off B’s machine….faux fur stockings, extra long for extra goodies from Santa!
And oh by the way DARLENE, my little GraceReclaimed Design Shop/Guest Room is ready for you and all the other guests who care to brave the weather....

Rain Boots in the ready position!
Hope you have a pair too and this gives you a little inspiration to
put on your big girl boots and gracefully slosh on over.
Please keep watching the blog and your email
in case we have to plan a RAINOUT DATE
Full of Grace and prayers for sunshine, B

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

12 Days of GraceReclaimed~7th&8th

If you receive this blog post by email, be sure to click on the link at bottom for the full post.
(One of these days, I'll figure this site out and save you some clicking!)
One the 7th and 8th Day of GraceReclaimed,
St. Philip is barely speaking to me!
 Just kidding 
If you know the man personally,
you know why Philip is preceded by Saint!
He does keep looking at me like I’m crazy though!!
Oh My Lands…I’m beginning to think he’s on to something~
And as you can tell, this daily blog thing is more than I can handle!
Here’s the dirt on day 7 and 8!
My hands have literally been covered in dirt and paint to be exact; I’d show you a picture of my nails, but you’d be disgusted!  Not typing friendly, for sure!
Yes, this is how I roll, last minute, ADHD design.  I just can’t help myself.
Just a small peek of the last couple of days' mess!

Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,  

I'm all over the will be worth coming to the show,
just to see what I manage to finish!
And if St. Philip is really still speaking to me!

Just one thing I ask....please pray for great weather!!
I'd hate to think I got this dirty for nothing....
Gracefully but creatively filthy, B

Sunday, November 17, 2013

12 Days of GraceReclaimed~6th

On the 6th day of Grace Reclaimed, St. Philip said to me,
you have filled up my dance card!!! 
That’s when I smiled and asked him if he thought he might be able to power wash one more thing and told him how much I wished we he could build a trellis in the front corner of the yard to hide our view of...
~Epps Fitness and Grill~
(I’ve named our neighbor's Yard)
 I apologize and do not want to bore you with the long story about our lovely neighbor,
 my complaints to Tomball City Council, etc.!
Except to say, he is a self- proclaimed dangerious dog owner, junk collector, and seems to be a “works??” from home kinda guy!! 
We’re not close, if you can imagine.  But we have offered on several occasions to help him with his yard or haul off his no avail, I'm sorry to say!
So if your looking for a landmark when you head to the GraceReclaimed Tag Sale, just look for this place,
it's just across the way!
Please forgive me but It's a bit of a thorn in my Epps side, 
plus I digress.
On to the peek of the day!
Speaking of stuff! 
If you have tiny collections, I’ve got the solution!
~Just Stuff Holders~ 

and that is chalk dust, by the way!!!!

I know we all have too much of it (stuff that is), but it doesn’t seem like so much if you contain it or display it together on a tray, a great design solution!
And I think I just thought of a Christmas Gift for my neighbor....but I'm gonna have to get a bigger tray!
In the Holiday Spirit, to each his own....God loves junkers too!
Me Included, thank Heaven~
Grace Reclaimed, for those of you who need a little more stuff!
Getting Closer....
Have a gracefull Sunday, b

Saturday, November 16, 2013

12 Days of

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(One of these days, I'll figure this site out and save you some clicking!)
On the 4th day of GraceReclaimed, St. Philip said to me…You deserve a day off!!
Well I fib, he really didn’t, but my precious mother did, thank God for Mom!!
Off to the Junior League Holiday Market in the Woodlands with my young mother...the other silver bell!
Isn’t she adorable?
Well lets just say, the market sardine can in the Woodlands was a bust,
OH MY HEAVENS.....waayyyy to many bodies!!
Couldn't even move.  You see, I'm not a crowd person and this was just a sea of women with VERY large purses.
   We didn't hang for long.
But a day spent with Mom is always a good day!

Made me think this Alfresco Tag Sale is a GREAT idea.
Fresh air and unique stuff, no repeattttttts!
So just in case you needed a GraceReclaimed fix today,
Your 5th Day Peek ...
Just bottles, bottles and more bottles, my way of recycling.
Lord give me coffee to change the things I can and wine to accept the things I cannot!
We'll have both!!

God give me grace and space, B

Thursday, November 14, 2013

12 Days of GraceReclaimed~3rd

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(One of these days, I'll figure this site out and save you some clicking!)
On the 3rd Day of GraceReclaimed, St. Philip said to me….
Best Soup Ever!!
But then again, he says that to all my soups. 
So yes, I cooked yesterday.  Figured I’d better since he pays the electric bill!  And what with the glue gun heating, the music going, the light bulbs burning in every corner and now the heater running; he pays the gas bill too…well you get my drift.
Today’s peek!
Wreaths of 7thJoy past, in case you’ve been wishing you hadn’t past it up last year! (SecondChance Priced)
And Lights of Christmas future….I just love lamps, thus the electric bill!!!
(And in a 73 year old house, you don't even want to know!)
May the memories of Christmases past be in your heart and the light of Christmas coming be getting brighter each day!

Gracefully glowing and turning the heater off, B

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

12 Days of GraceReclaimed~2nd

If you receive this blog post by email, be sure to click on the link at bottom for the full post.
(One of these days, I'll figure this site out and save you some clicking!)
On the 2nd Day of GraceReclaimed, St. Philip said to me....What’s for dinner?

Me: Unless you are craving winter flowers, icy deer or paper wreaths,

You’re on your own!

He just smiles….God I don’t deserve this guy!
Just a peek!!
Then we were off to hear an awesome concert at
Sam Houston State.
So very glad my boy is so just a quick run up the highway!
and precious Kelley
Now, back to work.....see you in 10 days!!!
Extremely but gracefully proud Mom, b

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

12 Days of GraceReclaimed

On the 1st Day of GraceReclaimed, St. Philip said to me....Carols already???
Who needs to whistle while you work, especially when there is beautiful Christmas music at hand!
I will not apologize!
Yes, it's like Christmas around here, literally!
...I’m surprised every time I open a box in my storage closet garage.  Oh, the things I have….but just forgot about!
St. Philip is elated, I’m clearing out of “his” space!
Anyway, here’s a peek of some of the things I’m working on.  The old girl got a new vintage milk paint coat in Weathered Wood.  Hopefully her dress will come together in time for the show…Just 11 more days, plenty of time, I keep telling myself!!!
reclaimed XL wood crests....thank you pottery barn & St. Philip
& grapevine mounts dressed for any mantle!
Please come by for an afternoon of beautiful weather and beautiful shopping!  Some talented friends of mine are now participating!  But I'm not name dropping just yet!
Lots to see and buy!
Grace and Christmas love be with you!  B