Saturday, December 12, 2009

Crazy Comes in Twos

Two Crazy Southern Christmas Bells
Well…the Bell part is debatable!
Crazy and Southern are true for sure!
It is official, together our JOY is more than a little
“out of control”.
Robin and I have officially hit the CRAZY part of middle age this Christmas, even though I made it there a little earlier than her!
It all started with the making of 4 Wise Men (Yes, there were four!)as we wore our Church Lady hats in mid-November for Advent Decorating at our church, then last minute preparations as I whined until she agreed to host our 2nd Annual 7thJoy Trunk Show...
Add to that “Move Over Martha’s”(that would be ROBIN’s) insistence that we take on an enormous Corporate home-baked gift basket job; And there you have it, Two Southern Christmas Bells,,,,ridiculously out of Control!
But is there any other way to spend Christmas? Wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of it all, plus some! I say no, as long as you remember to stop and smell the Christmas Trees, share good time and wine with friends, have fun Santa shopping for your own plus an Angel Tree Child or 2, listen to every Christmas CD at least twice (I have a few!), and bake till the house smells just like you remember it did as a child or at least imagined it should!
That’s what I’m talking about, baking, candy making and buckeye ball rolling! Both homes now are fragrant with the smell of cookies baking, chocolate melting and caramel corn popping, we had to share the messes, but it is heavenly. I think we’ve made enough, messes that is, for the next decade of Christmases…and I think the sweet smells should last about that long as well! At least the laughter and the memories of a whirl wind few weeks, jobs well done, a little profit made, and most of all much joy shared will!
Ahhhh, it is good to have a great friend to be “out of control” with! Makes CRAZY worth being! Merry Christmas from us two SCB”s, May sweet smells and Christmas blessings fill your homes as well! b

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  1. My teeth hurt and I have a sugar buzz just thinking about it. :) I'm glad you had fun. I'm glad it was YOUR kitchen and I'm really glad you have Robin because you two are like the energizer bunnies on a caffiene high. I have to go take a nap now. Much love to you cra-zzzzy gurls!