Monday, June 29, 2009

Recognizing the Joy of Maturity

They say that the dragonfly symbolizes the recognition of maturity, I'M THERE!!!! Walking along the beach with a cherished, almost life long friend this morning, I came to appreciate that maturity! It is now that I appreciate the years that have brought me here to this place, a half century old, but who's counting....a place where honesty with one's self is rejuvenating not devastating! I love this time but more than that, I love thinking of what the next half century (God willing) will hold! The deep friendships I have made to this point in my life, are few but so significant, that my JOY runneth over and my dragonfly wings lift me to new views of life everyday! Thank God for those beautiful views that can only be seen through a true friend's eyes....May your day be filled with such rejuvenation! b